Used to have good BGs after exercise, now I'm spiking? What gives?

Quick question that I hope the diabetic veterans could help me out. When I was first officially diagnosed about 1.5 years ago when I exercised I would either maintain my BGs or end up going hypo. Now when I exercise, I spike. What gives? My doctor is still adamant that I should diet and exercise even though I’m still going up after eating every meal, and occasionally elevated overnight.

I exercise in the evenings since that’s the only time I can find time to exercise about an hour after I eat–the activity (stretching, light exercise) used to keep me level, but now not so much.

What’s your general BG trend post-dinner on days you don’t exercise? This hyperglycemia may be unrelated and coincidental.

I give myself 2 nights off and I usually run around the high 90s to low 100s at bedtime and wake in high 80s to high 90s when I don’t exercise.

But now I go to bed in the high 150s to the high 160s and wake in the low 140s to 150s or I’m hypo in the high 60s to 70 with exercise. That’s what happened a couple of times. Thankfully my neighbor upstairs started showering and woke me and I was able to eat some glucose tabs.

Not sure what to say here. I know anaerobic exrecise like weight lifting can cause hyperglycemia but you say your exercise is light and stretching. Are you eating the same meal with the same insulin dose when comparing exercise vs. non-exercise days?

What about hormonal cycles?

Yes, I am a creature of habit and I started on the low carb eating a couple of years ago. No bread/starches–greens and salads and protein (eggs and chicken mostly) My mom (when she was on better health) always exercised (walking) to help control her blood sugars as well as with insulin.

My endo is still refusing to give me insulin. He wants to try glyburide. He got ange y with me when metformin made me deathly ill. Since I have RA as well I wonder if the exercise triggers enough inflammation to raise my blood glucose levels? If so, how would that be controlled?

I meet with another endo Tuesday to get a second opinion. My rheumy doesn’t trust my endo.

Spike during hormone cycles too…gradually saw the changes. This last cycle I went up to 187-198. The only time I really go high is during my RA infusions of Remicade–298-300 for the day and then 160 - 200 for the next couple of days.

But now as I’m gradually being more unpredictable with my Bgs and the highs are higher and more often than the lows. I used to have more hypos than Hyperion But now I have more hypers. My doctor is not worried long as I am not 200 or more for more than 2 days. But any high doesn’t feel good :frowning:

Hi Kate,

That’s good that you are meeting with another endo. What meds are you on now? Maybe it is the arthritis/inflammation hormonal effect? If it were me and I had those great bg without exercise I would just not exercise for now: at least until you figure out what is causing the high bg.

sounds like you’re t2 and overdoing the exercise, you can spike within 24hrs with a liver dump.
take it more steady and see if that helps

My first thought is adrenaline or the other fight flight hormone cortisol.
Or as @Jack16 indicated Rebound from low blood sugar caused by liver’s glycogen.

Hi mere, none for diabetes, but pkaquenil, prednisone, Topamax, Vitamin D, and remicade for RA. I couldn’t take the metformin the endo prescribed—it made me too sick.

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I didn’t exercise last night but yesterday was an emotionally stressful day and I had the same numbers last night and this morning. So I guess my body is producing too many hormones. Just another thing to contend with on the laundry list. GRRR!!!

That’s too bad it made you sick :mask: