High Blood sugar after ANY type of intense exercise

This is my first post, and I am doing so because I am very confused.
I run 2-3 times a week for about an hour (between 10-12km), as well as preform interval workouts, lift weights, and do different forms of HIIT and body weight exercise. Usually, I try to have a snack with no bolus or start any of these exercises with a blood sugar no lower than 8.0mmol. Lately, my blood sugar will not go down after I exercise, but in fact skyrocket up!
Today I went for a 11km run with a blood sugar of 11.4mmol pre run, had a small snack of vegetables and hummus after the run, and tested two hours later and my sugar had risen to 18.4mmol! What gives? It usually takes hours to come down, and I end up stacking my boluses and I am afraid of going low. I find this has happened more frequently lately.
I wear an insulin pump and I disconnect my pump for up to an hour when I am exercising. I always reconnect right after.
I think it may have to do with my circulating insulin in my body? I have done some reading on the internet and I think that my cortisol levels may be high?
I hope somebody can help me out here as I love to work out but hate feeling so gross after.

I tend to have BG go up post-exercise also, which I only discovered wearing a cgm. I don't know why. It is worse if I snack before hand, and one theory I had is that the digestion shuts off during exercise, and kicks in afterwards, causing the highs later. Probably hormones also. I'm interested in other responses. Sheri Colberg probably could explain it... http://www.shericolberg.com/

Your number going high a couple hours after hard exercise seems to be quite common. I have this same problem. It depends on how far and how fast I run. If you are exercising your body will produce glucose to fuel the exercise you just did. If I don't wear an insulin pump and get some insulin during my exercise then the high later is usually worse. I don't take my pump off during exercise. Again depending on what I am doing I can wear it like normal or use a temporary basal. This helps make sure the glucose produced during exercise can be used. I can't eat right before I exercise because if I take a bolus for the food I drop low. If don't take a bolus for the food I get to high while exercising. You are not alone.