Expense of Test Strips

So the more I think about this, the madder I get. On my last visit I explained to the doctor that the prescription for 50 test strips at a time isn’t enough. I have to refill them almost weekly. She told me test strips are expensive and I should just test once a day in the morning to save money. Then, when I get my new prescriptions, there is still all the syringes and Humulin R for me to use when I test before each meal to take on a sliding scale. Why would they give me the syringes and Rapid Insulin if they don’t want me to test before meals? GRRRRRRR! I also explained that my left eye is getting blurrier on a regular basis. They said, nothing they can do. Just come back in six months and check to see if the Glaucoma is worse. GRRRRRRRR!

How am I supposed to continue to care if they don’t. I’m a photographer and an artist. I kind a need to see well. :wink:

Just venting.

I understand about the test strips. My doctor only wanted me to test once a day. My diabetic educator wanted me to test 5x a day. Insurance only allows me to test 3x a day. I priced test strips to see if I could afford it. It comes out to a little over a dollar a strip. Guess I’m stuck with 3x a day. Are you going to a M.D. or an endocronologist?

Your doctor is not using accepted medical standards to devise your treatment plan. Maybe it’s time for a new doctor.

I quote from page S17 of the American Diabetes Association’s Standards of Care 2009:
● SMBG should be carried out three or more times daily for patients using multiple insulin injections or insulin pump therapy. (A)
● To achieve postprandial glucose targets, postprandial SMBG may be appropriate. (E)

If you look online (Amazon) you can find the strips a little better priced. I just ordered 100 for $72. Since I only test 3-4 times a day, unless I feel like I need to check, this will last me a month.

Thanks for the comments. They are all appreciated. I have no insurance so I’m on a UCLA program called HWLA or Health Way L. A. I’m not given choices on doctors and I don’t think they have endocrinologists here. I didn’t know Amazon carried the Dori. That’s interesting and useful.I read somewhere that the test strips only cost like 8 to 10 cents to make but have a huge mark up. I wish there were some kind of regulations on the pharmaceutical industry that limited profit margin on required supplies and let them up the price on the elective supplies. That would make more sense to me.

Have a super weekend everyone and thanks again for the feedback.

Absurd! Some doctors don’t encourage Type 2s to test frequently enough, which isn’t good, but to tell a Type 2 on insulin not to test is courting disaster & practically malpractice. You have to test before meals & you should be testing fasting BG & after meals as well.

Thoughtful of your doctor to try to save the insurance company money—arrrgh!

Get another doctor pronto who will give you an Rx for testing 8x/day. Also one who will help you match insulin to food better. Sliding scale is outdated.

Sad how many don’t care. It’s not their bodies, so we have to be assertive about getting the tools & info we need.

Oops, sorry. Didn’t see that you don’t have insurance or a choice of docs until after I posted.

I’d try demanding more strips from your doctor by explaining that you can’t risk hypoglycemic episodes by shooting in the dark with insulin. I’d say that complications from high BG & possibly ending up in the ER with hypoglycemia are far more expensive that strips. There must be someone higher up who you can complain to about this particular doctor to get what you need. Really, telling a patient to inject insulin without testing is malpractice.

With you on the cost of strips. The mark-up is criminal. They’ve more than paid for the research & development costs & now it’s just pure greed. Millions of diabetics testing many times a day–can you imagine the profits!

You may qualify for patient assistance with strips depending on how much you make. Check the website of the manufacturer of the strips you use and download their forms for patient assistance. You will have to force your doctor to write an RX for the number of strips you want per day, not what the doc has been willing to give you. Hopefully the doc will do it since her program won’t be paying for the strips. Good luck!

I spent $ 3,000 on tem the year before I went on a pump. The insurance company would not give me enough on shots. Once I sstarted dealing with the pump compay I was fine. I now have a supply of 15X daily without a problem!