Experience with epidural anyone?

I’m waiting for an appointment for a steroid injection at S1-L5. My choices are steroids, surgery or nothing. Has anyone had this done? I’d love to have some info beforehand of how high my BG could go and for how long. I’m getting 10mg of dexamethasone.

I had one at my C5-C6…blood sugar wouldn’t go below 300 for 3 weeks. I doubled my basal, tripled my correction ratios…practically drowned myself in insulin. Never had ketones associated with the high BG during those few weeks though…just couldn’t get it down. But the day it did drop, it tanked hard and I was chomping on handful after handful of glucose tabs to try and bring/keep it up. Tabs and then some fat/protein to keep it up wasn’t working…had to keep crunching more tabs as it would just keep dropping back down, even after ripping my Pod right off in frustration lol

Good luck!

Thanks Jeska! I know it’ll be a horror show, but hadn’t thought about that last few days when it’s coming down… ugh. Maybe I should just fast for a few weeks LOL. Just hoping it works so I can walk more than a block!

Uggh going through this now with c6 and c7. Now 7 days with unexplained high bgs not responding to insulin. Averaging about 250.