Rollercoaster (high then low)

Well, it’s been an interesting week and a half on the pod. Started out OK for the first day then I had a pinched nerve which prompted a trip to my GP and a prescription for a medrol dose pack. So on day 2 my BG was through the roof. My BG when waking up in the morning was 300+ :(. I feel fortunate that my CDE is very good and has kept in touch every day. Well, now that I’ve been off the prednisone for two days my BG has been low most of the day (except this morning when it was 198 - I’ve been fighting high BG in the morning even after last night’s addition of a 3AM - 8AM .8 basal segment addition). After talking with my CDE tonight we made some changes so hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. As I’m sure ya’ll know it’s hard not to eat 60g of carbs when you’re at 55 but I’ve been good so far today with my 8 - 16g snacks.

Oh well, I guess I’m just venting - it’s not the pod’s fault, it’s just that I got unlucky enough to have that steroid pack screw me up when trying to get the initial settings right. Tomorrow will be a better day.

It’s ok to vent. Good Luck and I hope your BG is better today.

Hey, hang in there. I’m with you on the up and down. We’re still working out basal settings too. Yesterday I must have moved the pod to an area with scar tissue or something. I stayed over 220 all morning. No bolus would bring it down, but I guess the slow basal got absorbed and I just hovered around 220-240. I injected with a needle for lunch and finally came back down. I went to by something to take the pod off and changed it out. I had everything I needed to do a pod change except something to loosen the adhesive.

We’ll get there.

Yeah, I know we’ll get there. And I’m usually a patient person…but this is just driving me crazy. Had another late night/early morning high despite raising the 3 AM to 8 AM basal to ridiculous levels. Oh well, Rome wasn’t build in a day and diabetes sure can be an unpredictable disease.

I avoid oral sterioids at just about any cost. If I have to have some, I up my insulin accordingly.

Jim, I hear ya. Unfortunately I had no choice. My right shoulder was in so much pain that I went to the ER the night before seeing the doctor and got a shot or morphine and a vicodin script. Even then I was in a LOT of pain.

And upping insulin to cover the steroids is fine, but when you’re are in the 2nd day of pump use you don’t know what your baseline numbers are in order to up it to the appropriate amount. :wink: