Experiences?: Lyumjev, Tandem X2, and Closed-Loop

I just started using Lyumjev, and I just love it. I was using Fiasp before, but eventually, it started causing occlusions in my pump. I learned that it’s literally because of its chemical composition, it can crystalize in the cartridge. I went on MDI to use up the Fiasp that I had, and, thankfully, I got a new job with insurance that covers Lyumjev. I’ve been back to pumping and using Lyumjev now since about late March.

I just remembered as I was typing this that I now have a Dexcom G6 and, duh, I can turn on the basal IQ. :blush:

I’m stalling with the closed-loop because I notice that because the pump is set for Humalog, it thinks I have basal insulin active in my system when I don’t. As far as I know, Tandem is really dragging with giving us the option to update to faster-acting insulins.

For those of you who are using a Tandem X2 with Lyumjev can you share how it’s working for you? Since I literally just turned basal IQ on now, I’ll get used to that first.

Thanks, all!

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The profile of it looks so similar to novolog and humalog, I’m surprised it is different enough to mess up your basal iq.
But maybe you need to adjust your settings a little.
I tried pumping fiasp with one bottle that I got from my doctor.
It was good and didn’t have problems, I cut my prebolus time.

Maybe you can upgrade to control iq , it might work better for you.

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I still need to set up Basal IQ, so there is no rush. I tried, but it didn’t take. I also am on the last 10 days with my current transmitter, so I can wait it out until I have a fresh one. I got the “this is the last time you can use this transmitter” warning when I attached the current sensor that I’m wearing. I can just wait it out a few more days, as I don’t have the bandwidth to fret over Dexcom’s forced stops. (Annoyed…I’m going to be annoyed with this change for a while, but I know they need to make a profit.)

Hopefully, it won’t be too bad. I’ll road test it with the Basal IQ and then shift to Control IQ once I feel comfortable.

I LOVE Lyumjev. I have never been able to use Novolog. So slow acting. FIASP was a disaster in Tandem pump and I didn’t think it was any faster than Novolog. I used to use Humalog and Symlin. I had to give up Symlin because no Part D plans cover it and after three months of using Victoza I went in the donut hole and it was going to cost $700. But on Lyumjev alone I am in target 80-95% of the time and I bolus right before the meal. It does burn/itch a little with boulses but small price to pay. No post Meal spikes beyond 180 and turns around really quickly DIA still about 4 hours. Don’t be afraid of DIA on control IQ. It r3ally isn’t five hours. Because when it changes the basal up or down it adds or subtracts the insulin on board so it’s always a moving target. Just trust it when doing meal and bonus corrections.

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I use lyumjev in a Tamdem pump with no problems. Lyumjev is noticeably faster than Humalog. It was like Humalog stopped working. I do NOT use Control IQ or Basel IQ and do recommend them. If I were to use Control IQ, my A1c would get worse (5.7). I have considered using Basel IQ but after 3 years of Dexcom (5-6) I do not trust it. I don’t want to stop using it but am finding frequent discrepancies between Contour and Dexcom. Worst case is 80 points difference. I’m not willing to have Dexcom as a part of a closed loop system. I have this figured out. 36 years on pump and 55 years as T1d. :grin::four_leaf_clover:

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I have a tandem pump and I use control iq. I have the setting tweaked a bit to get tighter control. My last a1c was 5.4, previous to that it was 5.5. Before I started using the ciq feature I was at 6.4.
My dexcom seems pretty spot on. I know it’s different for everyone, but I hardly even double check it anymore.

Yesterday I got a 54 on my dexcom and I didn’t believe it because I felt fine, but my finger stick was 57.

Even the finger stick meters are ± 15 percent. So it’s almost pointless to compare them. That being said it’s always less than 10 percent unless my sensor is bad.


Good points, Penn. I currently have a 6.0 a1c, and that is a concern. There is someone in a type 1 group that I’m in. Her a1cs are amazing, and she won’t switch to closed loop. My endo recommends it though. I trust him, so we’ll see how this goes.

Yeah. I think that I’m going to go in. I’ve got to figure out how to set up the Basal IQ on my pump first. As I wrote earlier, my transmitter is about to die, so I’ll start with a fresh one tonight and will try to set up Basal IQ. Once I get that going, it will be a slow march to Control IQ.

Oh, you were at 57 and didn’t feel it? Yikes. My hypo-awareness fades in and out, and, right now, I’m hypo aware. I hope it comes back for you too.

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