Lyumjev fast-acting insulin approved for Omnipod pump in US

The company announced this morning that Lilly’s Lyumjev fast-acting insulin has been approved for its Omnipod Dash system, the first insulin pump to gain approval from the FDA for dispensing Lyumjev.

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Just today, my endo gave me a vial of LYUMJEV to try. He wants to know how I do with it. I was hoping to find another pumper to see some feedback. I have a TSlim X2.

I wish I could get my hands on some to try it. My insurance won’t cover it.

I just switched 10 days ago from Fiasp to Lyumjev in my Omnipod Dash to see if that could fix some issues I´ve had lately. (I´m not in the US and it´s not approved where I live).

My sites lasts only 48 hours no matter what insulin or pump I use (Humalog/FIasp) and with Lyumjev this seems to be even worse. I get small hard lumps from the infusion sites and my first site on my arm from ten days ago is still there. I´ve tried my abdomen twice (better results) and today I put a new pod on my thigh. So far abdomen and thigh works better than my arm site.

Fiasp duration time was for me 5,5 hours, with Lyumjev it seems to be 3,5 hours. I also had to adjust my basal from a flat rate of 0,35 to a flat rate of 0,45/0,5 (the jury is still out on this). I adjust my basal according to my monthly cycle, but this is the most common basal rate. I think basal rate vs insulin duration is hard to crack as I´ve not tested this properly other than “so far it works”. The shortened duration time could also just be a result of an active inflammation at the infusion site.

Generally it seems like Lyumjev is kicking in after 30 minutes.

Breakfast is different from the rest of my day and I always have to prebolus for breakfast doing two things. Doubling or tripling my basal rate for 1 hour and bolusing 1 IE at the same time. Depending on my morning this insulin takes anywhere from half hour to one hour to conquer my morning insulin resistance. When I see this starts to happen I bolus and eat. This works most of the time and I start to get a hang of it with Lyumjev too.

The rest of the day I usually just bolus and eat, but with Lyumjev my blood sugar spikes horribly like I´ve never seen before if I do this. And Lyumjev works like water if my BG rises too fast and the BG lingers high for hours. Not usual for me.

It seems like I need more insulin compared to Fiasp and I guess it takes time to figure it all out. I´ll give it some more time to see if the lumps disappear. My sites itches too and sometimes my skin gest red and a bit swollen outside the pods edges espacially the side where the cannula is.

It will be interresting to hear other experiences as people start to use Lyumjev.