Expired cartridges?

I just noticed today that the boxes of ping cartridges I have all have an expiration date of 08-2012. Does anyone have experience with using cartridges after the expiration date? I don't want to risk using faulty equipment, but I also hate wasting the money spent on all those cartridges if they'd be ok for a little while longer.

Did you get those recently? I've never bothered looking at the expiration date on mine but just looked and it's 11/13. If you were sent those recently I would let Animas know that they were sent too close to the expiration date.

But having said that, I wouldn't worry. Most things are given expiration dates well within their safety margins and assuming you will be using them up in the next couple months they will be barely a month over. I wouldn't be concerned unless you see consistently high numbers that are unusual for you

Actually I've never had cartridges around long enough to pass the expiration date. However I'm really not sure why they would have them anyway. They are packed sterile so unless the package is opened or damaged, they stay that way. The only thing I can think of is maybe the lubricate used on the black o-ring may dry up or start breaking down. I'd recommend calling Animas to see what they have to say. If you have cartridges that will expire before you use them maybe there shipping older ones to begin with.

Sorry I don't have a real answer for you.

Sometimes if you notify the company they will replace them at no cost. Some of the supplies I was given at the hospital were expired! I was recently at the Canadian Diabetes Association picking up supplies, and the gave me Dex that expired a year ago!

Cartridges have a lubricant in them that allows the plunger to glide smoothly and deliver insulin with consistency and accuracy. With time and/or exposure to temperature extremes the lubricant dries out and compromises the delivery of insulin. The pump may also alarm if the cartridge is too stiff. Given that I am very sensitive to insulin, this has posed a problem for me on more than one occasion... even with non expired cartridges which are stiff when you pull the plunger back and forth. Using stiff cartridges can also wear out the motor drive.

As has been said, I would use them myself with no concerns, but check with your supplier & see if they will change them out for you first.