Expired Glucagon

What do you do with the expired Glucagon??? Ours fall under Tier 3 so each was $60.
I have several in my medicine cabinets and half of them are expired. Canyou still use it? Have anyone use an expired Glucagon, if you did, what happened? Any adverse effect?

I’ll open a new direction to this thread.

I recommend that you use them to “train.” Select key caregivers and use the expired kits to practice preparing and administering glucagon. Don’t actually inject it, use a sacrificial orange.

If you can’t personally use them, you can donate them to a diabetes education center where they can be used to help teach others how to use glucagon. I believe if you donate “before” the glucagon has expired, you can take a deduction for it’s value as a charitable deduction (even if it is one day).

I second using them for training purposes. I have used them in the past to train friends and family members who may find themselves needing to use it on me at some point. Also, you can keep the syringes as back-ups along with other glucagon kits.