Extended Bolus HELP!

Lately for dinner I have been having lots of protein/fat in the form on turkey burgers, hamburgers, chicken and 2 hours later I am at 75 BG. So I have a tiny snack to boost my BG levels and 1 hour later I am like 160. If I take 4 units at dinner, I think I am extended bolusing wrong. I do 3 units immediately and 1 unit over 1.5 hours.

My question is should I do like 2 units immed and like 2 units over like 3 hours or something?

How do people extended bolus?

ive never used the extended bolus feature… but if your sugars dropping id go 2/2 and if its still dropping go 2.5/1.5

and just so you know everyones different so what works for them probably wont work for you… its just trail and error!