Cheese digestion

I know everyone is different, but how long do you extend a bolus for cheese? I seem to do okay with small amounts of regular cheese like sliced cheese or grated cheese. I get into trouble with cream cheese or string cheese. I made Dr. B’s peanut butter pie, which by the way was awesome tasting. I went straight by the recipe. Other components for the meal were things I had had many times. I prebolused thirty minutes which is usually just right for me. I added fat and protein as recommended by TAG and extended the bolus for 2 1/2 hours. I was still higher than I wanted to be later at four hours. What do you guys do? Thank you for your help.

The length of my extended bolus is determined by the total of 10% of the fat grams + 50% of the protein grams divided by my insulin to carb ratio and then delivered at the max rate of 1.2 units per hour. For example, using made-up numbers, if the fat was 30 grams and the protein was 10 grams and the I:C ratio was 1:5, here’s how my math would work: (10% of 30 + 50% of 10)/5 = (3 + 5)/5 = 1.6 units of insulin. Then I would deliver those 1.6 units over 1.5 hours.

If you can give me the total carb grams, protein grams, and fat grams of one serving of this pie as well as your I:C ratio, I could show you how I would calculate it. It sounds yummy!


i don’t, know, what i do for cheese, i’m allergy to it, sorry, that i was not, much help,.

I eat cheese like a 200 lb mouse. I do not bolus for it. Though I’m starting to wonder if that has a role in my climbing cholesterol levels so I am trying to reduce my intake a bit. But it has zero effect on my bg levels. It will change my bolus timing though if ingested with significant carbohydrates.

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Thank you, Terry for your reply. You helped me with the bolusing for fat and protein earlier. I have been doing what you said since then with 50% of protein and 10% of fat. The only difference is I don’t divide by number of units per hour. I go more by how long things take to digest. For instance, for chicken I extend for 2 hours. For beef I go at least 3 hours. This is for servings of 3-4 oz. If I eat more then I extend longer. I just am not sure about how long these kinds of cheeses digest. I have been experimenting and not having much luck. Would you like for me to message you the recipe?

I too love cheese, but it seems like the fat and protein in it catches me later.

Just normal cheese doesn’t affect me. But as a Swiss, i thought i might need to reply to this thread as i have some experience with cheese fondue. and gosh, is that difficult. let me tell you i LOVE that sauce, but it’s just fat, fat, and fat. and the bread you dip is nothing more but carbs, carbs, carbs.
since meals like these are exceptions for me, i just stay at the conservative side of it, but i feel like even a big meal like that gets through the stomach in the end. i usually shoot for around 3-4 hrs extended.

Sorry, I forgot about our earlier exchange. Your rationale makes sense, extending the time based on the expected duration of the food curve. Perhaps you can just eat the cheese portion of the recipe and test that alone. Is there much protein in this pie?

Boy do I feel dumb. I went by the numbers posted in Dr. B’s diet with serving size of 1/8 pie. Made by the recipe exactly one serving is 3.4 carbs, 2.4 (protein. I already took the 50%) and 35.9 grams of fat which would calculate to 3.59 to compensate for the fat. So I bolused for 3.4 carbs and 2.4 protein with a 1/17 carb ratio and NO fat. ugh At least now I know what went wrong. Sorry guys. Thanks for helping.

I will try that next time. Thanks.

Terry, you helping me before about the bolusing for fat and protein has been a game changer for me. Thank you so much.