Extending 630G Enlite Sensor past 6 days

First time poster here. I’m brand new to CGM, using the Minimed 630g with Enlite sensors. I’ve been scouring the forums for advice and everyone says you can re-connect a sensor once it’s expired to extend the life past 6 days. I have a good site in, but every time I go to reconnect it, it says “Sensor Expired.” What am I missing?

For example, the sensor expired this morning. I turned off the sensor connection on the pump for 20 minutes, then turned it back on so it could look for the sensor again. However, when it connects I just get the “Sensor Expired” message again. If I choose “Start New Sensor” from the Sensor Connection menu, it also gives me the “Sensor Expired” message. Do I have to do something differently to trick the pump into thinking it’s new?

Sorry for the rookie question, and thanks in advance!

I’ve had luck taking the transmitter off of the sensor, waiting 15ish minutes, plugging it back in and telling the pump to look for a new sensor. BUT, I haven’t had any luck getting more than one or two more days out of the sensor before it craps out. :frowning: I’d be interested to see what others do as well…

This is what I do with my 630G with Enlite sensors (YMMV):

1, Turn off the sensor from the pump a few minutes to hour or so before the sensor expires (not sure if it’s necessary to do this before “sensor end” but that’s what I do).
2. Carefully disconnect the transmitter from the sensor and recharge the transmitter. Be sure to do this with as little movement of the sensor as possible. You might need help with this step if your sensor is in an atypical place like back of arm (that’s where I’ve been putting my sensor with great results).
3. Reconnect the transmitter to the sensor after it fully charges. Put your choice of overlay tape over the transmitter (I use IV3000).
4. Start the sensor from the pump as a new sensor.
5. Calibrate after the 2 hour wait period if the ISIG value is 10 or greater and CAL factor (blood glucose divided by ISIG value) is between 3-8. The ISIG value is under Status>Sensor on the pump. If the ISIG is below 10 I remove the sensor.

I normally get a few days to a week of additional use from the sensor, but working hard to try to extend it more. Don’t expect to get as accurate results as you did during the initial 6 day period and it can be erratic during the 24-48 hours after a restart.

From my personal usage of CGM it’s most important value of CGM to me (YMMV) is during intensive exercise. I ride my bicycle 3 times/week on average (75-100 miles a week 14-15 mph average) and really need to keep a close watch on my glucose levels during the ride as they tend to fall like a rock. Even a less than optimal working sensor will usually give me trends on whether my glucose levels are rising (goodness when working out intensively) or falling like a rock. I’ve even kept the sensor off from the pump and turned it on before I exercise. Exercise seems to get interstitial fluid flowing better resulting in more accurate results.

My H1Cs averaged 5.7-5.9 before CGM so I’m well managed even without CGM. I’ve learned a lot about glucose management and behavior by using CGM.


Thank you thank you! I don’t know why it didn’t work the last time I tried to reconnect it after charging it, but this time it did the trick. I made sure to turn off the sensor connection on the pump too. Appreciate the responses!

Looks like you’ve got it sussed. What I have found is that I get much better results by removing, and recharging, after the first 6 days. I usually get 12 days, but sometimes the last days are a bit erratic.

Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

I just went from a Medtronic 530 to a 630G. Can the Enlite sensor be re-started without needing to turn the Sensor option OFF or do I need to turn it OFF. I hope that the transmitter doesn’t need to be taken off. Let me know if anyone has tried to extend their Enlite sensor – without turning off the Sensor option. I know Steve (type1steve) has posted that he turns his Sensor option off.

You should recharge the xmitter before trying for another 6 days. There was never a time when my Enlite xmitter could make it for 12 days. No way.

Oh thank goodness I found your discussion about extending the sensor life after the 6 days. They are so expensive! Can anyone explain how to turn off the sensor. I couldn’t find a setting for that. Thank you so much!

You dont need to turn it off. Just remove it, charge back to full, reinsert, and start as new sensor.

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Here’s what I do.
New sensor, runs 3 days. Turn sensor off, then start as "New Sensor"
Run 3 more days. Turn sensor off, recharge transmitter, start as "New Sensor"
3 more days and another “New Sensor” start.
3 more days and “new Sensor” Start.
That gives me 12 days per sensor.
Sometimes, not so lucky and it goes haywire after about 10 days or so.
I’ve been doing this for about 4 years now.
Hope it helps.

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what sensor are you using that runs only 3 days? Isn’t that the old Sof Sensors?

I was using the old Harpoons, with my 723. I find that the results are more consistent if I charge every 3 days. This was actually a suggestion from Medtronic help desk.
I’ll just tolerate it until I get the G5

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Sometimes one must do what one must do. You have a good attitude.
Hopefully Dexcom comes through with your initial order in the near future.

Another CGM newbie. Can I just confirm that the sensor remains in the same site during the reset? I assume it can’t be moved and reinserted into a new site? Thanks.

My current sensor was giving me wild ups and downs this morning and I think there were supposed to be 2 days left. I’ve taken the transmitter off to recharge, then I’ll try to start it again.

Just got a sparkly new 630 this week, yay! But no success with trying to get an extra 6 days on the sensor. :confused:
@john39 and @type1steve, how do you remove a sensor that has that transmitter tape adhered around it without jiggling the transmitter out of it’s placement? Mine slipped right out (on an easy thigh spot). I used to use IV3000 ten years ago, but the new Enlite sensors came with their own overtape. Is that the problem… overtape is too strongly attached? It held onto the sensor like it was duct tape. Anyone have suggestions on how to extract the sensor from the tape without dislodging the transmitter? Maybe I should return to the larger IV3000 overtape? (I just found some that say 2009 on them, ha! Bet those aren’t TOO sticky!) thanks!

45 yrs old, T1 for 23 years

I use the 670G pump /w Guardian 3 sensors. However the form factor is the same although I don’t know if the Enlite sensors use the same Oval Tape to go over the sensor as does the G3 sensors. Assuming it does you could put one Oval Tape over the sensor portion, but use an IV3000 over the transmitter portion to make it easier to remove if you are attempting to extend days.

I rarely extend sensors anymore as my experience has had mixed results doing that.

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For that reason, I changed to just using a strip of regular adhesive, waterproof, first aid tape. Those hi tech jobs cause the problem you mention.
Lately, due to Medicare coverage, I switched to dexcom G5 and it has a special overtape, but is almost impossible to remove without dislodging the cannula.

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thanks - I’ll try experimenting with varied taping techniques. Here in BC Canada the gov (BC Pharmacare) just decided this fall they would cover pumps, but not sensors - so I’m half thrilled. Must find a way to extend the sensor life, or use them intermittently.

Thanks - great, that’s just what I did (10 years later and my old IV3000s haven’t deteriorated at all). When 6 days is up I’ll try to extract it better and only continue the work-around if the sensor continues to be helpful! Best wishes (Happy New Year!)