Extending the life of your sensor - tips for making it last

I know this has been addressed in different threads, but i thought i would start up a new one with this in the title so people could easily search and find all the amazing tips we have for making our sensors last!

I, for one, have not yet found the magic combination. My first sensor 7 months ago lasted 26 days which apparently was a fluke since they don't last more than 7-9 days now before getting the dreaded ???.

I exercise and sweat like crazy at the gym or some outdoor activity almost everyday. so i'm not sure if that's playing into my limited ability to extend the life of my sensors. anyone else with daily sweat challenges? i wear the flexifix over my sensor but don't cover it, it doesn't seem loose or lifting rarely. so i'm not sure what else to do.

I'd love to hear from everyone - where you wear it, how long it lasts, what preps you use - anything can help!

I normally get the ??? when I am dehydrated, seems I can usually fix the ??? with some water or G2 Gatorade. When it is really bad I drink pickle juice.

that's really interesting! i'm drinking a lot of extra water though these days because i'm trying out Invokana (only approved for T2's and i'm a T1). i have to drink a lot on it, but maybe i'm not drinking enough.

I have had great success with a 24 ounce glass of water BEFORE each meal and taking every opportunity to drink from the fountains at work when I am nearby.

You can overdue it, but before meals seems to be the ticket. helps you digest better, and you eat less, because of the water.

good idea!

The ??? doesn't normally mean it's over and out for the sensor. Stick with it for a few hours, if not a whole day or more. You might find it will work again as normal after a while.