Extra omnipod pumps in box expire in Sept

We’ve recently switched pumps from Omnipod to TSlim and now have 2 full unused boxes of pods. Any one have a need or where to donate them.

Donate to a homeless shelter if you have one near you.

I’m curious why you switched. I love my dexcom, and I tried omnipods years ago, I loved the convenience but the cannula would not stay in and I ended up wasting pods.

The idea though is very appealing.

Thanks, we’ll check it out. Loved the mini for almost 15 years but the control we wer getting was lacking (probably my own fault with eating and sleeping/working becoming more impactful). Also wanted something that would make adjustments itself when I went low at nite or started to head high. Started the CGM and that helped some but the TSlim and CGM coordinate between the systems well. Still adjusting to the tube but not as bad as I thought it would be. First pump was the Omni so never dealt with tubing before.

If there is a nearby diabetes camp, they may take them. They usually have CDEs and Endos that can supervise usage.