Need advice. Omni pod vs Tslim

Reading both groups here tandem pampers seem much more pleased with their pump. But, I quit pumping 4 years ago because I HATED tubing. I love the look of tSlim and where tandem is going in the future. Any advise? I didn’t want to put this on the tslim page or the omnipod page because I want BOTH sides. Thanks for any advise.

Where's Tandem at in terms of integrated pump/CGM?

That's very important to me.

Apples to oranges, in my opinion. If you're OK with tubes, the t:slim does indeed look like a great, fresh alternative. But there's no comparing it to OmniPod, as OmniPod's primary focus is being tubeless. Like I've said many times, OmniPod is not for everyone (no technology or treatment is) but I would not trade mine in for anything else on the market, not if even if it were free.

According to tandem there are new technologies currently being reviewed by FDA. They were also very pleased I am on a Dexcom G4 since they are “very close” to the integration. I am worried about misplacing the PDM or pods not sticking. Looking at the omnipod pg vs the tslim one everyone with omnipod has serious issues but I love the idea of a tubeless waterproof pump. Sigh.

It's simply not true that every OmniPod user has "serious issues." As with anything on the Internet, there is always a vocal minority that appears to be overwhelming but in reality is just a small group that have complaints, while the rest of us (the vast majority) just go about our lives perfectly happy with how the product works for us. This is not to belittle the issues that some people do have, they are real and I'm sure quite frustrating for those having them. My point is that you can't judge the actual performance based on what you read on the web; it's a naturally skewed view because, in general, only people with a complaint are motivated enough to write about it.

Also, be wary of "new technologies currently being reviewed." It took 2+ years for Insulet to get the new, smaller pods through FDA approval. These things take a long, long time; companies and customers are at the mercy of the enormous bureaucracy of the FDA.

Thank you, Eric. I know our area rep has been amazing in helping decide. Can you tell me the main thing that sold you on omnipod? Is it the tubeless? The ease of insertion? I have been known on my previous pump when I slept to program blouses if I dreamt I had eaten. I like that I can leave the PDM in another room so that won’t happen. I also spend a lot of time in the water during the summer, and I like the idea of not having to stop every 30 minutes to bolus for missed time. What’s the selling point for you personally?

Being tubeless was the only reason I even considered a pump after almost 20 years of MDI. Here's a good summary I wrote after being a 'podder for about 1.5 years - it's mostly still how I feel today, 4 years later.

Thank you so much for the link. I am going to go with omnipod. Since they have a 45 day return policy I can make sure I love it. (A benefit not offered with tandem) I actually put on my demo pod after reading your review, and am calling the endo on Thursday to let her know fingers crossed we have a decision.

The idea of a tubeless pump is what attracted me as well. As we approach summer, I realize how much the waterproof feature really gets overlooked most of the time. We signed up our infant daughter for swim lessons and, looking at the schedule, I realized that I would be the parent who was going to spend the most time with her in the water. I had to rearrange my schedule a bit, actually go out and buy a swimsuit, and make a gazillion other arrangements. Sometimes, not having to concern yourself with something, you forget how much you appreciate not doing that. I never had to concern myself with my insulin pump.

Also, as a new customer, you're going to get first dibs at the new and smaller pods that all of us are anxious to get a hold of.

Good luck!

Thank you for asking this as I am torn between the two products as well. Reps from both companies have shown me their systems and the three main reasons why I am not running to the Omnipod are: 1) After trying the tslim, I discovered that I really don't like the PDM (for generation 2). It makes a lot of "clicking" noise (not very discrete when you're using it) and all the scrolling was a bit annoying. Considering that I will have to use the device throughout the day, I would like to have something that is easy and quick to use, and 2) I have a MAC and Insulet's software doesn't run on the OSX operating system. I think it's just as important to see the reports... which means an additional cost of having to buy something with a Windows platform, and 3) The consequences of not having the remote for some reason. Although I truly want a tubeless insulin pump, I am just not convinced that the Pod is there yet...

The only reason I'm not running to the tslim is because of the tubes... but I really like the fact that Tandem is actively researching for the best "cure": an artificial pancreas.

I only wish there was a tubeless pump that was run by a touchscreen remote. :)

Kerri, please keep us updated on your experience, and best wishes!

I'm very active too, which is why being connected to a pump via tubing doesn't appeal to me. As a newly diagnosed diabetic, I don't have any pump experience to glean from. And I agree, with the exception of the tslim, all the other pumps seem to look and work alike. It would be nice if the companies looked outside the box for new innovation. :) I guess when it really comes down to it, there is no perfect pump so I'm going to have to come to terms with it...

Btw, since you seem to have experience with pumps, how important are the differences in basal and bolus ranges???

It is imperative. An incorrect basal rate can keep you very high or low. Just like anything with diabetes. It’s nice to be able to get what you need when you need it. Because it is fast acting insulin this gives you the ability to eat when and what you would like. There is no lantus (or other long acting insulin) to tell you you HAVE TO eat or not. It’s important to know carb counting early. As well as your insulin to blood sugar ratio. (Mine is much higher in the am than in the pm) Having the option for different settings at different times makes pumping so useful. (One of the many things, I should say)

I also use Macs, although my wife has a Windows notebook. I installed the software on it but to be honest I haven't used it in years. It's just not very useful for me; the only "report" I or my endocrinologist care about is my HbA1c. The software wasn't all that good anyway, so I just don't use it.
I find discretion with the PDM to not be a problem at all; the only time I've ever had someone comment about it they thought I had a really old mobile phone :-) It's certainly not as nice as my smartphone or the t:slim, but like I said above, it's an apples-to-oranges comparison.

I appreciate all your help, Eric. Thanks to the return policy on monopod I’m am trying it first. If I don’t love it ill switch, but at least that way I know I have options which I wouldn’t with the tslim. Question though, are air bubbles a huge problem with omnipod? I know that’s one big complaint for the tslim

I’ve been on the OmniPod for almost 4 years, prior pump was the Deltec 1800. The only thing I like about the OmniPod is its tubeless. I checked out pumper sites concerning the latest pods and users are reporting boxes of faulty pods. Over the years I’ve had my share of faulty pods but they were always replaced.

In my opinion, all things considered being tubeless alone isn’t a compelling a reason enough to stay on the OmniPod. I am current looking for a new pump.

Honestly, the OmniPod seems like a pump where experience really varies from user to user. I got the OP in April of 2012 and stopped using it all together (went to shots) around March of this year, 2013.

I made that decision with my endo and omnipod rep. When I first got the pump, I LOVED it for the first few weeks. I especially really, really liked the fact that I never had to touch the needle that was inserting the cannula - all I had to do is press a button. But then I started having issues with insulin leaking from the pods around the cannula site. It was not a bad batch of pods, as this went on for months and months.

I tried many different adhesive barrier wipes and different prep wipes - which, some of the helped but only held of the leaking of the insulin for a few hours or maybe a day. My A1C shot up to 11 because I was never getting the full amount of insulin that I was bolusing or basaling for.

The other issue I ran into was the pod alarms. When a pod fails, it has an obnoxious, high pitched, cover your ears type of alarm that is not customizable. Towards the end of my journey with omnipod I had pods that were alarming all the time. I am in college and had a few that went off in lecture and its just not acceptable. The bad part is that you cannot turn the alarm off, you have to deactivate the pod.

I can honestly say that Omnipod has great customer service and their reps are pretty awesome. I was going to wait for the new pods to be released (was supposed to happen in march) but at this point I feel like I've given them enough of a shot and I need to move onto a different pump that will work for me.

Now I am trying to decide between tandem and medtronic. Honestly, I think the Omnipod works great for some people, it just varies.

Good luck!

Ive been on the omnipod for 4 years, and love it. To answer your question directly, I would go with the pod. The main reasons for me are waterproof and integration with a glucose tester. Having had that for 4 years now, I simply wouldnt consider anything else. Being able to accurately bolus and have the PDM make adjustments is simply awesome. No doing math in my head, no trying to figure out IOB. Also, being tubeless is a great bonus.

First I want to thank everybody for your input! It’s a long term decision and I wanted the best choice for me. I just called the doctor, who supported me either way, to confirm I’m going with the Omnipod. Tubeless is best for me no doubt. Thank you all again!!!