Eye exam with a retina specialist - Good News

A little history, some years ago I was diagnosed with minor diabetic retinopathy. My ophthalmologist at the time watched it closely. I had exams every 6 months, then 9 and finally back to yearly. The group he was with decided to reject our insurance. Last year my eyes were examined by another ophthalmologist. The exam just seemed kind of perfunctory to me.

I knew of this retina specialist in the town. I asked my endo to refer me to him because of my history. Wahoo! Not only was it a very through exam and full explanation of the scans done, plus a manual view as well, but there is no sign of the retinopathy and the cataracts have not progressed.

The only downside is whenever my eyes are dilated, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be a bright sunshiny day.

I wear my sunglasses and their roll up ones.


if our opthamologist wasn’t referring you to a retina specialist, I would consider that as a dereliction of good medical practice.

I say on those days “ love hate relationship with the sun”,lol😎 Congratulations on your good results. Nancy50

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