Floating images in the eyes

Right now I am experiencing floating images in my right eye. Not sure how to explain this accuratly. The images are silver almost transparent but wherever they are I can’t really see. They move around and are not in the same spot all the time. It’s almost like a brightness. I checked my BS and right now it is 96. (last reading was about 3 hrs ago and it was 110, fasting sugar this morning was 83). This is the second time this has happened to me. Last time it took about 30 minutes to ga away and I had eaten something in the mean time. Wondering if it may be blood pressure but I have no way of checking that at work. Just wondering if anyone has experienced something similar.

I kind of have, for me its kind of like when you look at a bright light and look away there is still the spot hanging around. But it moves in your view not staying put, I did a bad job describing that. But I was told mine where blood vessels floating around loses. Not sure how accurate that is though. Next time you get your eyes checked as your doctor about it. or even just your every day doctor or you diabetes doc… sry I’m not more help…Good luck though with your eyes. hope all is well with you!

Thanks Bethany for your comment. Actually it does help some. I have a Dr. appt. on Saturday and will ask.

oh my land I have experienced this a couple weeks ago. it was the first time in years. I was like oh great here goes my vision.

Get yourself to an eye Dr. as quickly as you can. Don’t panic.It may be just a harmless floater. If this is a new symptom, it may be a symptom of a potential problem. Get someone who specializes in diabetic care for the eyes. Don’t panic, just get your eyes looked at. My son and his family lives in Crystal Lake area. We’re from Peoria area.

Thanks. I’ ve got an opthemologist out of Barrington over by the hospital. I think I’ll make an appointment.

Crikey, I’d ask an eye dr to be honest, I have floaters and the semi opaque little spots (though mine are fixed) like I’ve looked at a light and looked away Sorry I can’t be any more help, I just didn’t want to read and run x x x

This is why I went to my eye doctor last week. I had all these triangles floating around in my right eye and I could not focus and bgs was fine, but who knows, I could have had a big drop that I was not aware of.

On a post that I put on TU, the eye doctor found nothing wrong with my eyes and he was amazed after 42 years of this diabetes. I think diabetes just mess with every cell of our bodies, and effects so many things, that some things are unexplainable or fixable, but do go see your eye doctor for a dialation.

Here is my post

Yes, this definitely has to be evaluated by a doc. I was told that as we age, we get floaters that are just bits of debris in the vitreous. And that pwd’s seem to have more of them. But that also they could be a sign of retinopathy. SO they need to be checked out. With retinopathy, timing is everything. Good luck.

I’m not diabetic and I’ve had “floaters” for eons, so don’t panic it’s not necessarily a problem… But DO get it checked out immediately. Just in case. Even if it’s nothing, you’ll feel better (who needs the stress of wondering about it?).