F.D.A. Steps Up Oversight of Infusion Pumps

This is good news in protecting insulin pump users and also other pumps that intravenously deliver food, fluids and drugs like pain medications and cancer treatments.

The F.D.A. says it has received reports of 710 patient deaths linked to problems with the devices over the past 5 years. Though F.D.A. officials say they think the number may be significantly higher. Some of those deaths involved patients who suffered drug overdoses accidentally, either because a hospital worker entered incorrect dosage data into a pump or because the device’s software malfunctioned (Stephen Krueger is one of those that died due to his software malfunctioning - which I wrote about both here at Tudiabetes as well as a Diabetes1.org where I work as a diabetic mentor).

Agency officials said Friday that they were sending a letter to all infusion pump makers to inform them of their findings and outline the proposed additional requirements companies will be required to meet (more testing prior to product being released to the public).

You can find out more about this story at: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/24/business/24pump.html?hpw

How does this make you feel? I know for myself, it makes me happy to know that we users will have better products to maintain our livelihood!