Faces of Hope

This isn’t a discussion as much as it is a request. I am having a walk on October 6 to raise money for The Iacocca Foundation.

At my walk I am doing a slide presentation called The Faces of Hope. I did one last year. It’s to show people at the walk some of the people who are affected by this disease every day.

The only people that will see the slide show are those in attendance at my walk. I will not put it up on YouTube or my blog.

If you would like your child to be included please email me a picture or two along with some info like diagnosis date, age at diagnosis, age now, hobbies, where you live (just the state will be fine) and any other information that you would like to share.

Please email your picture and info to me at pennylane5001@mchsi.com

And, thanks for your help.

I will send you info on my son. I suppor the Iaccoca foundation. We use the MGH as our hospital. Denise Faustmans lab is from MGH.

Thank you, Janet.

hi Penny,

i sent you some pictures and info about my son Sam already. i would love to see the results on your blog or posted on here. maybe you should ask for permission??

i am thinking that i should try a similiar idea at our walk this year…