The Faces of Juvenile Diabetes

I am doing a ‘Walk to Cure Diabetes’ through the JDRF. I have a booth at the local fair for fundraising. I would like to do a ‘Faces of Juvenile Diabetes’ display. So I am looking for people who are willing to email me a picture of themselves if they have type 1 or their child, neice, nephew, cousin, anyone along with a first name of the person, their age, and the date of their diagnosis. Anyone willing to help? My e-mail address is Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help!!!

Did I not put my e-mail in there? How dumb, sorry. My e-mail is Thanks for your help!!!

I fixed my original post to include my e-mail. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!!!

I would love to buy one of your calendars as I’m sure so many on here would. My sister has a firm policy of not putting my niece’s picture on line or anywhere it can be seen. I know most people do put their kid’s pictures out there and a lot of the cure videos are so moving. Maybe put a link up as to where we can purchase the calendars when they are finished? We are just overly paranoid New Yorkers, LOL. Thank you for being willing to go public. P.S. Maybe a picture of our bichon wearing one of his little outfits and a pump pack?

I wish I was capable of doing a calendar. I am not doing one though, but there was one done a while back on the parents message board of the ADA website. I think that was 2006 though. Not sure if the man who put it together continued with the years. What I am doing is a booth at our local fair. I am participating in the JDRF’s ‘Walk to Cure Diabetes’ this September. At my booth I want to put names and faces on a display to sort of give juvenile diabetes a name and face. I am hoping it will help with donations. If your sister would be willing to mail me a picture with the name age and date of diagnosis, that would be okay. If so, let me know and I will send you my address in a private message. Thanks for the interest though. If I can figure out a way, depending on how many pictures I get, I may try to do a calendar, I will just have to get the okay from the parents of the pics that were emailed to me already. Thanks again!!

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