Factors controlling sugars

First blog. Type I diabetic 36 years. Have always been extremely brittle. Six years ago after much resistance I went on the pump. Although still Not perfect but more manageable. I work out 7 days a week and often take many exercise classes. The issue I face is the high blood sugars coming out of the classes even when I use the pump for instances such as working out. I also face this type of blood sugar fluctuation on stressful days. I find that my sugars are controlled more by my emotions than my food intake. This is a constant challenge for me and my physicians. I would like to ask others if they face any of these challenges.

Strenuous exercise can increase BG from the release of cortisol hormones (stress hormones–adrenaline) & then low hours later. I eat protein before exercise to help keep BG level. Moderate exercise doesn’t have this effect. Depending on what you’re doing, working out seven days a week may too much because this doesn’t give your body recovery time. Increasing muscle mass is the best exercise to increase insulin sensitivity.

Emotional stress plays havoc. Relaxation techniques can really help.

Gerry, thank you. it is amazing what I learn from others and it truly makes so much sense. I change up my exercise daily but continue the BG stubble. i will certainly try the protein. I know do not feel so alone. Thanks again.

Hope it helps, Jen. My biggest problem is crashing lows hours after exercise. If I treat the exercise high, then I’ll be knee walking later. Was easier for me to lessen the exercise intensity.

My highs and lows during exercise really depend on the type of exercise I’m doing. Distance running, for example, makes me go low or, if I start out a wee high, into the “normal” range. However, other forms of exercise (sprinting, anything that involves a rush of adreneline) will ALWAYS make me go high. For those adreneline-filled activities, I always set a temp basal at around 130% and that seems to work. Although I still sometimes come out a bit high, but generally under 220.