Fainted at walgreens

Hmm i was out with my friends because we went for a nice walk outside because the weather was awesome,it was all nice n summery… well my friends had to go home… so they went home… well i was walking home when i started to feel,dizzy, i got all shaky. n i know when I’m low. i searched through my pockets. Nop nothing that can bring up my blood sugar… so there was a nice Walgreen’s… i went in and. WOW all my thoughts started to jumble up… n i was soo confused… then everything got all blurry… n thats were i fainted… I’m not sure what happened next. but when i woke up i was on a paramedic bed… wow…

i was wondering… has anything like that ever happened to you??? (the people that are reading the blog)

[ yay my first blog, i finally got the courage to post my first blog]

Congrats on the first blog honey, I am sure it happened to me when I was a teeny weeny kid but my probs have always been with higher blood sugars, I do funny stuff when I’m really low, I mentioned the other day in Jim Huck’s blog that I tried to tune my clock into radio bratislava once… I know weird and probably quite funny to anyone watching.
I do get the jumbly thoughts, funny vision (sometimes it’s like tunnel vision sometimes its like i can’t focus my eyes) and I find that I just can’t make my legs work, so I just plonk down any where.
Hope you don’t have to go thru it again x

aww wow shelby its a good thing you’re all right! you should make a habit to carry a purse with you everywhere, they can be a diabetics best friend. I usually stick a juice box, glucose tabs and a cereal bar and my meter in mine because lows can come out of nowhere. It really comes in handy though!

I am glad you are well. Can say that I have experienced a complete faint. Gotten real close, thou. Learned to carry a small manbag like Jim. With the meter and glucose tablets. Used half a tablet today after my morning workout. When I have low sugar. My feet and legs start to get cold and then I get a uneasy feeling. Once I hit 80, I can go to 50 in minutes.

Sorry, typo just caught it. Can’t say…

thanks for the advice… i will start carrying juice boxes or skittles or some

my friend said it was cool that i fainted… i think thats messes up? idk…

Normally I ALWAYS carry some glucose tabs with me…
But I had a few cases that I felt my BS going down, dizzy,… pffff… fuzzy, nausy, …grab for my tabs… oops… forgotten… PANIC !
I was lucky that this happened in situations with a backup plan… so, I never passed out… but, close… ■■■■ happens !
So, the best advice: NEVER forget to carry some sugar…
Cheers and have fun at school