False Ketone Reading


Has anyone heard about false ketone readings. Its not one that I was told about when they went through everything at the hospital. We ended up at the hospital tonight. Not my choice I just rang to ask how much insulin to give my son as he was 3.8mml not eating temperature of 40 C and 2 + ketone’s. The doctor once I got there said I was right and did not need to go to the hospital (after waiting 2 1/2 hrs) That the ketone’s were more than likely from not eating rather than ketoacidosis. Give him his normal long acting insulin and only the rapid insulin if he eats or sick day rules if above 15 with the keytone’s. Why I could not be told that over the phone I don’t know.

Does anyone else here feel like they have to be a Diabetes Doctor when it comes to your children?

Yes, I do feel like I know the most about my daughter’s diabetes. More so even than her pediatric endo. But that’s to be expected when you are hands on and the disease is a 24/7 disease.

Sick days are the worst. Which reminds me I need to get my kids flu shots.

Just went to diabetes clinic today. I know my son’s blood sugars are a little high. We just changed insulin At the beginning they calculated to much and he was having night time lows so they dropped it down quite a bit and are trying to get the blood sugars down slowly without making him crash at night again. Doctor today upped his insulin a huge amount and I KNOW that he will have major lows on that much… so we are going to ignore that and carry on slowly increasing his insulin until we get the correct amount. Some days I wonder why we bother going!

It won’t be long before you aren’t going. But it’s also a confidence thing.

I would definately log everything so you can start to see patterns. Not just carbs but write down what he’s eating and how much exercise he’s getting. You’ll start to notice that fried foods might make him high a few hours later. That potatoes give different numbers than rice, even though the carb count is the same.

My daughter had a soccer game the other day and she started the game with a BG of 154 and .3 units of active insulin. Normally I’d have given her a small correction to bring her down a bit, but she’d been running a bit low lately so I let her run high for the game. After the game she tested at 82. I couldn’t believe she had dropped that much over the course of a one hour game. Scared me a little to think that she’d have gone low if I’d have corrected.

Anyway, you’re doing fine, and pretty soon you’ll be making a lot more decisions on your own without the clinic. Take care and ask any questions any time.