False low a1c?

Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen. At my last endo appointment, my a1c came back 6.5. At diagnosis a few years ago, I believe my a1c was around 13 and it has ranged between 6.6-6.8 ever since. My endo then tells me that based on my CGM & omnipod data, she thinks my a1c is closer to 8, with an average BG of around 180…and she thinks most of my a1c results have been inaccurate. She couldn’t tell me exactly why, she mentioned something about anemia but “you don’t look anemic at all.” I made an appointment with my PCP to get blood work done as I haven’t seen her since my dx! I figure seeing an endo every 3 months is enough doctor action for me, but I guess it’s time.
Has anyone else had this issue? And if so, what was the cause?
It’s just frustrating to think that I was excited about all of these good numbers when they may have been off ever since diagnosis. Thank you!

Certain things can give false readings on your A1c, in particular if you have anemia your A1c could be falsely low.

Yes, I believe like all tests there is a margin of error. One time I had my son’s endo do the a1c test twice about 10 minutes apart. The first was 5.9 (he’s never been that low) the next was 6.4