Farewell to Ron Santo, The greatest 3rd baseman ever!

Ron Santo died today at 1:00am at the age of 70. He battled T1 Ddiabetes his entire life.

My heart goes out to his family and everyone who had their lives touched by this remarkable man. Please, if you don't know who he was, google him and read. He worked selflessly for public awareness through Juvenile Diabetes Research. I can't say much more right now because, as a lifelong fan of the Cubs, I am speechless.

Please read:


Forever rest in peace, Ron.

This is what Hubby’s son had to say about Ron, an avid Canadian follower of the game : " Hi Nel , yeah , I saw this when I got up this morning and checked the news . I remember him as a player . He was one of the best at the time . He should be in the Hall of Fame, but I think because he is so horrible at being a broadcaster , it hurt his chances of being inducted . He really has had a difficult time , especially over the last 10 years or so . There were times when he was just too sick or weak to get to the games . And it was obvious that baseball was his life , so if he didn’t make it , you knew he was very sick . I think he did bring a lot of attention to diabetes and juvenile diabetes in particular " .

I think Bill James rated him #7 all time @ 3B but he wil be sadly missed here in Chicago. RIP Ron

I watched “This Old Cub” a few months ago and was moved by Santo’s optimism and high spirits, despite the many obstacles he faced. Loved the story he told about hitting a walkoff homer with a very low bg level, back when he didn’t let anyone know he had diabetes. It’s a shame that Santo didn’t live to see his election to the Hall of Fame and a cure for diabetes, both of which would have meant so much to him.

another e-mail from D, the son . :" Hi Nel , the Chicago TV news devoted the first 15 minutes to the ex ball player who died today . Mentioning diabetes and how much work he did for them quite often …"