Sad Day Ron Santo Passes

Cub Legend, long term Type 1 passed away today.

Very sad especially because of his many diabetic complications.

Thank you for posting - I was just about to myself. I don’t post here much but I heard it in the car on the way to work this morning. It was 4 am here on the west coast and it was difficult to hear. I met him 6 month after my diagnosis 32 years ago and while many people at the hospital gave the the standard lines, when he came to speak at my small town, he was the first that made me believe I could have a normal life. It was a small gathering but he stayed longer to chat with me. I had been a fan ever since. From what I read it was the bladder cancer that got to him in the end…either way he was a hero to me. Rest in peace Mr. Santo.

Also very sad b/c of the boneheads at the hall of fame. RIP Ronnie!

Thank you for posting this…On fox news they mentioned he had diabetes since 18 and that he died of bladder cancer.

nice article