Fasting acting insulin

Trying to quiz the military pharmacy for what super fast acting…not humalog, etc. I use a pump but would like this option to clear the occasional high.

Suggestions? Favorites? Anybody use them along side a pump?

Inhaled Afrezza is probably the fastest thing around, great for stubborn highs from all I’ve heard. Otherwise injected/pumped Fiasp, though not everyone finds it much faster than Humalog and some people experience site irritation. There’s also IM injection, which is usually much faster than subcutaneous, but careful how much you use.


I use Afrezza while pumping Humalog and I’m so glad I added it to my D arsenal! It takes effect quickly for me and is out of my system fast (which is especially helpful close to bed time)!


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My endo gave me a vial of fiasp to try. When I tried to load my Tslim with it, it went all over the place. Maybe I was going to fast, don’t know. So I decided to just use Novolog in my pump and do injections of fiasp when I went really high (or was soon going to eat some high carb goodie). Tried to get syringes that will allow me to inject .5 or 1.5, but the syringe lines are too close together. Pharmacist said 3/10 ml are the smallest dose available. So, like what about a baby? Anyone out there figured out how to dose a small amount of insulin?

How fast? I ate stupidly today and had my FIRST over 300 by in 20 years. Been trying to lower it for five hours. Trying not to layer. Finally at 195.

Another question. Does it require refrigeration? Can I carry it with me? Would rarely use it, so longevity is important. Thanks!

It usually gets out of my system in 2 hours. So if it hasn’t brought me down in 1.5 hours I know I need another dose.

Supposedly it does according to the manufacturer but there are plenty of Afrezza users who have done tests on that and it doesn’t really seem to need it. One person put a package of it in a hot house for 3 months and then left it in an un-airconditioned room for the summer and then did a test with a coke and it worked like normal.

Wow. If that’s not an exaggeration, that is seriously impressive.

It takes a lot of hard work. Scared me greatly.

For me, it’s sometimes out of my system in 90 minutes.

As for how it holds up without refrigeration… I’d say it’s very durable - I keep a few different packs of various dosages in my bag. It may be a week to 2 weeks before they are used. Since it’s a powder, humidity will impact it more than being at room temp for a long time.

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