Fatty Foods, Insulin and going High

Every time I eat fatty food my sugar goes up really high - usually after about an hour or so. I love steak and hot dogs and would love to be able to continue to eat them. Any suggestions on dosing methods would be appreciated! Thanks!

I'm not sure how you deliver insulin, whether via a pump or multiple daily injections (MDI). I use the extended bolus feature on my pump for high fat and normal protein meals. I deliver an immediate bolus to cover the carbohydrate portion of the meal and a 1.5-5 hour extended bolus to cover the protein and fat.

If I had to do this without at pump, I'd be tempted to try adding a dose of old-fashioned Regular. If you want to experiment, keep a log so you can capture and draw an effective conclusion. When trying something different, it's important to test a lot to be safe. Good luck.

Thanks so much. I do use MDI. I usually take, as you do, one bolus for the carbs and then one or two more over the next hour or two for the fatty foods slow breakdown, but doesn't seem to be effective.