Like many others, my insulin choices are horribly limited by insurance. FIASP and Apidra just aren’t options right now. Since FIASP simply has niacinamide (vitamin B3/niacin) added to it, has anyone seen faster insulin activity simply by taking a niacin supplement additionally? I assume the full-flush variety would be more effective, if it at all. This is pretty much impossible to search for because you get flooded with FIASP topics and web results.

I have reason to be weary of anything with B vitamins because I already have a toxic load of B12. It’s a chronic inflammation marker (which is what’s causing my slow insulin absorption issues, too). Straight niacin shouldn’t be a problem, but I’d love some feedback if it’s worthwhile before trying it.



I have used the real Fiasp and it wasn’t terribly impressive.

Any normal rapid insulin like NovoLog, Humalog, Apedra, or Fiasp will work much faster if you inject it into muscle instead of subcutaneously. I think that would work better for you if you are looking for faster.


I just started using fiasp. Was using NovoLog before.
It is different, but has made a BIG difference for meal time spikes and NO pre-bolus!
I only got two vials to try out from my Endo.
The VA doesn’t carry it yet, so IF it continues to work this well, I will see about ordering it from Canada until the VA hopefully starts covering it.

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