Fiasp response times

I’ve been using fiasp for 2 weeks now but I haven’t found it to be much faster than novolog. I noticed on my CGM that my BG doesn’t start to drop (with arrow trending down) until 20 minutes after bolusing. This is the same time as novolog.

I may have misunderstood the rapidness of it, when people say it’s faster, what exactly are they referring to?

This is the graphic I’ve seen several times.

Fiasp is detectable in your blood a few minutes faster and its peaks faster. It also has a shorter tail.

I’ve never used anything but Fiasp so far so I can’t say how much faster it is. I can say if I could have a faster peak, less tail insulin I would like that :slight_smile:

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They did a poor marketing representation on that graph! Doesn’t really show much of a difference. :sweat_smile:

Are you like me and see it working after 20 mins after bolusing? I physically see my arrows on my CGM go from stable to trending down at the 20 min reading.

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I’m sure it has an effect after 20 minutes but I normally don’t expect much to happen until 45 minutes after I inject. To me the most impactful time is minutes 45-75. Then a tail that fades away mostly after 2 hours.

If I’m being physically active that time table speeds up.

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Thanks. I am going to try it for a little longer and see whether I notice anything improvement in timing. But at the moment I don’t think I could tell it apart from novolog.

I’m just a bit confused why it hasn’t worked for me.

A while back I was concerned if I switched companies I’d have to switch to a “slower” insulin since Fiasp is new and not all insurance covers it. It’s some relief to hear its not that noticeable if I ever had to change.

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