Favorite Book on Diabetes

I am always looking for information on living with Diabetes. What book is your favorite on the subject?

I dont know about my favorite, but I am currently reading an Adkins diet book for type 2s. Not sure the exact title. I’m type 1, but decided to read it anyways. I find it interesting and I found it on clearance at The Vitamin Shoppe for only $1! :smiley:

I’m always looking for info on living with diabetes too. I wish a “Manual of Diabetes” existed similar to “Schwartz’s Manual of Surgery,” which is a portable source for surgery clerkships and residencies of the best info in general surgery.

I just started reading “The DIABETES DIET” Dr. Bernstein’s Low-Carbohydrate Solution (“More Than 100 New Recipes”). I think it will become a favoriate book. In an earlier reply to a discussion about Dr. Bernstein’s books, I mentioned that “THE DIABETES DIET” is copyright dated 2005 and I expressed concern that many diabetes books seem outdated as they are copyright dated 2007 or earlier; they don’t contain info on the most recent diabetes medications and research.

Also, I have ordered through my local book store “Blood Sugar 101: What They Don’t Tell You About Diabetes” by Jenny Ruhl, a book which is highly recommended by other TuDiabetes members; and I just received “How Sweet It Is…WITHOUT THE SUGAR Delicious Desserts for Diabetics and Others” by Jean C. Wade, a book containing recipes for desserts that I think I can actually eat occasionally as a diabetic.

for eating: i like eat this not that
lifestyle: this one book right next to the diabetes stuff in walmart
Cheating Destiny: Living With Diabetes, America’s Biggest Epidemic by James S. Hirsch
zzz book: ADA Complete Guide to Carb Counting by Hope S. Warshaw and Karmen Kulkarni
want to read this Dare To Dream: Flying Solo With Diabetes (Paperback)
by Douglas Cairns

Bernstein’s, by far!

I’v never seen a book just for type twos. I may have never seen one just for type ones. But why do all of them spread so much ink about what diabetes is? Doesn’t any of the authors think that most diabetics allready have read about it and are now simply on the look out for answers? I did buy Dr. Burnstein’s book. But I now only look at diabetes books in the book store and do not buy. It’s like this, many doctors could write a book and take all the information from other books, put their picture on the front and sell some copies, but they contain no news, only history. I think it’s clear that a lot of persons are looking to make a buck off us, whether it’s a book or a test strip. For your thoughts. Mel

Thanks all! I’ll definitely look into these. I’ve had diabetes for a long time and I know there is always something new to be learned in the world of diabetes! Happy reading!

Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Scheiner.