FDA Approval of Afrezza inhaled quick -acting insulin

I had an appointment with my endocrinologist who told me that if I ever got tired of using an insulin pump, I could use the new inhaled human insulin(it is actually powder) that is ingested orally by Unit. I looked it up for the manufacturer ManKind and all the prescribing data is there.

I wonder if anyone has started using it for Type 1. You must also use a long-lasting insulin like Lantis, injected once or twice a day.

It sounds promising and I just wondered what people had experienced so far, since it is new.
Is it possible to bolus for a meal and then take more if you decide to eat more an hour later or before your next meal?

How does it affect the throat? One side effect listed was a cough or throat roughness.

thanks, if anyone has already tried this.

here are some discussions we've had on Afrezza, please add to them if you'd like to get more opinions


The FDA just approved ultra-rapid acting Afrezza, an inhalable insulin, about one month ago. It is not commercially available yet. The business press speculates that MannKind will have to find a deep-pockets partner to bring this product to market.

I am very interested in this product but am concerned about respiratory side-effects. This insulin starts to act immediately and peaks in 12-15 minutes, very impressive numbers

Yes, and if that 12-15 minutes holds reliably, it truly becomes a "mealtime" insulin that can be administered when you eat. Tremendous added flexibility.

With current fast analogs, I have to pre-bolus 30-45 minutes to achieve near-normal control. Otherwise, I get a big spike that eventually comes back down. Pre-bolusing I can usually stay under 140-150 postprandial. Eat the same meal but dose right before eating, and I'm headed to 200-220 at the peak.

I already have pulmonary nodules so I will just say no