FDA to address serving sizes

http://s.nyt.com/u/emS Interesting article from the NY Times regarding food packaging and the craziness that food labels contain regarding serving sizes…

Basically they suggest that serving sizes should be more “realistic” as in - a pack of crisps is never going to be consumed in 1 ounce servings. We all know, one crisp and you’re in… Haha. Will be great for carb counting!

my husband just got me a package of sugar-free muffins, trying to be sweet. I looked at the package. One serving was 1/2 a muffin = 170 calories. WHO EATS 1/2 a MUFFIN!!! Lets face it, the whole thing is going down and that’s 340 calories. I hear what you’re saying!

I hope they address the pasta servings also. It’s so annoying looking at a serving size on a pack of spaghetti or linguine and seeing something like: 1 serving = 1/8 of box dry. Dry? I’m making the whole box for dinner for my family, am I supposed to pick out 1/8 of the dry noodles to cook them separately for me? It also gives a weight for the serving, but that too is dry so after cooking it I’d have to figure out some sort of mathematical formula to see how much weight they gain with water and then measure, but before I add the sauce which would increase the weight.
Serving sizes have been my nemesis for a long time now, I hope the FDA actually does something about it.