Spaghetti Os are surprisingly low carb! 1 can = 30g?!?!?!

I would have glucagon-ed myself by now if I had one.

Ate a bagel, Ate chocolate, suspended the pump, fruit loops. Have not taken any insulin.

Sopping wet. I think its starting to increase a bit.

Still conscious…intend to stay that way if it takes all night…


Yowza @mohe0001 ! Better keep your Dexcom in a heavy glass or something tonight so when it goes off you won’t miss hearing it. That fast acting insulin should be running out soon so hope you’re doing OK. Fingers crossed for a smooth landing.


Hope you’re doing better!

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Actually 30G sounds about right for a single-serving can. About the same as a couple slices of bread, which is the equivalent of pasta. Anyway, there’s no doing this without the occasional mistake. Hope you got back up without roller-coastering all night!

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I sure hope you’re doing okay now?

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All is well. I thought a whole can would have to be more than one serving. Woops!


lol…woops is right!!!

SpaghettiO’s are easy to make yourself!

Here’s how:


So disgusting, lol !!!


That seems a bit low. Check the weight on the can then check the nutrition label label. Usually nutrition info is per serving size, not per can. (I may be wrong here, but official serving sizes for processed foods can be alarmingly small). I think a typical tin of spaghettios might have 3 servings and the label’s values would reflect this.

The label was hard to read, but 1 can = 1 serving. Surprising, right? I think its because there’s lots of sauce in the can.

I think it may depend upon the size of the can.

A 15.8 ounce can is equal to 448 grams.

Looking at Google a 15.8 ounce can’s serving size is 266.5 grams. So there would be slightly less at 224 grams (edited to add: 448 grams in the total can, divided by 2). The carbs for a 266.5 gram serving is 45.2 carbs, less 5.1 if you subtract fiber.

The thing is, you need to look at the lable of what you are eating, because the serving size may be different, especially if you are eating a single-serving portion. One way to tell is to look at the serving size and then look at the total size of the product itself.

Truthfully I was surprised that the lable for Spaghetti O’s that I looked at on Google didn’t say there were two plus servings in that single can; I thought with the new laws it should have.

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