Feedback about the second monthly Newsletter

I would love to hear your feedback about the second issue of the monthly newsletter, which we sent out earlier this week.

I am including a PDF version of it here and have added it to the Newsletter Archive too, just in case.

if you didn’t receive it and want me to send it to you or prefer to have a different email address used for it, please send us a note at
8502-TuDiabetes.comMonthlyNewsletterIssue2.pdf (287 KB)

I for one, liked it very much. Since the site itself has grown, and new content is added rapidly, it’s easy to miss things of interest if you’re busy and not constantly logged into TuDiabetes. The newsletter is a nice “in a nutshell” brief on what’s happening.

That is the main purpose, so I am glad that it’s been accomplished.

Take care, amiga. Big hug to Noah and your husband.