Feedback about the first monthly Newsletter

We would love to get your feedback about our first monthly newsletter:
-Things you liked.
-Things you would like to see changed.

Also, if you would like to contribute to the newsletter or would like to suggest someone that you would like to see featured as a member on it, please let us know.

Note: we sent the first issue to all members of as of last Thursday. If you joined TuDiabetes after last Thursday and want to make sure to receive future issues, follow this link or go to “My Settings” and set the answer to the question about receiving the newsletter (the last of your profile questions) to “Yes.”


The Newsletter was Great! Good Job and I am looking foward to next months.


Thanks a lot for your kind words!!! We are glad you liked it. :slight_smile:

Manny, I don’t think I rec’d it. Where can I go to see a copy?

it was nice… i read it from top to bottom…that featured member was awesome too. I learned a lot from his story…

good job…!

looking forward to the next month…

Shoot me an email at manny AT tudiabetes DOT org with the address you would rather receive it through, amiga.

Enjoyed it, but I did have trouble when I clicked on some of the underlined thingies I got bumped back to the inbox of my email

Hmm… what email platform did you open it in? Was it an email program (like Outlook or Apple Mail)?

I use at&t webmail under windows internet explorer - i just went there again, and it seems to bump me back to my at&t inbox page if i click on one of the items in the brown box on the right side - like “member spotlight” - but it’s ok when i click on “read his memories of a great life…”

For those of you who may have missed the first newsletter, here is a PDF version of it.

We will also be archiving all previous newsletters on this page.
8542-TuDiabetes.comMonthlyNewsletterIssue1.pdf (247 KB)