Feeling low at 243?

So about an hour after I ate dinner tonight and took a bolus(BG @ 169), I started feeling low. I assumed that I had overcorrected, and decided to test before it dropped too low-- but it turned out that my sugar was 243? It's making me a bit nervous, but I waited a little bit and took half a bolus to correct for the sugar (usually what I do later at night). Has anyone else ever experienced feeling low but actually been high, or know why it happens/ how to get rid of the feeling? Any advice would be awesome, thank you in advance!


unfortunately, this has happened to me more than several times during my 30+ yrs with
type 1 D. sometimes i think it is just anxiety over how much insulin i have given myself when i am in a restaurant and cannot accurately measure my carbs and dont have a clue how much insulin that i need, how long the meal will last, how long it will take from when i order my meal till when it comes to the table from out of the kitchen. other times this happens is when i am walking about, taking subways, doing grocery shopping...generally it happens when i am away from my home-base. sometimes i stop myself wherever i am and squat
down and test from a finger stick. mostly now, since i have gone on a dexcom sensor, i can just take a peak and get a general idea of where i stand with my BSs. i HIGHLY recommend this wonderful device. i have only been on it for about 4 months, but it has proved irreplacable to me.good luck. keep in mind that this is more commen than people talk about.