Fighting Lows

I don't understand. This past Tuesday, I woke up in the morning and tested as usual. I was a little low at 72. I ate an apple and some peanut butter, and brought up my number to about 110. About an hour later, I was feeling strange, so I tested and was 74. I took some glucose tabs and tested again at 99. Same thing later that morning - 75. I fought that low number all day until I finally ate a cheeseburger and some ice cream, which brought it back to 99. On Wednesday morning, I was at 126. After a correction bolus to get back down to around 110, things were fine. I try to hold things around the 95-110 mark. I have done pretty well at it, but get these random days where I cannot seem to shake the low.

Do these random low days happen to anyone else and if so, how do oyu treat them?

Yep, I had one of those days yesterday. For whatever reason, my BG just hovered in the 602, 70s, and 80s all day. And what was weird was that I didn't feel too good. Usually those numbers have no discernible effect on me (well, maybe the 60s, but certainly not in the 70s or 80s!), but yesterday I felt horrible. I did bolus for meals, but decreased my bolus amounts by about 20%. I also ran a few temp basals, but didn't decrease things too much, lest I end up high (and I get those stubborn highs that just won't come down).

Anyway, yeah, I too have these random days where it almost feels like I'm cured. I have a few theories as to why this happens:

1. Sometimes I can associate it with a change in weather, usually a slight warming of the weather or being warmer than usual throughout the day. Sure enough, I was wearing an outfit that was a bit too hot for our weather yesterday and felt warm all day long. This must make the insulin absorb faster/better and therefore cause the lows.

2. Our bodies have natural cycles (men and women) during which there are hormone surges followed by a drop in hormone production. In a person with a normal pancreas, the adjustments are made to produce less insulin when the change in other hormone levels reduces the body's need for insulin. But of course we have to do all this ourselves....

3. Some of us may have some natural insulin production that just kicks in now and again.

Me too! The last three days have been the same for me. Not complaining mind you. Having numbers below 100 all day long is not really a bad thing. It was a little concerning to wake up with a 66, but mostly I've been in the 75 to 100 range with minimum bolus. I did cut back a couple units of Lantus and still had a good number this morning. I've had this happen a few times, but The last three days have been the most consistent I've experienced. My main issue with this is that it doesn't last! I think your theories are good. I have thought the same things and I'm not sure that they aren't all correct. Although remission would be much better.

Every time I even think ?remission? I end up at 500 mg/dl :-(

Oh yes Brian, all the time. It happens and sometimes you just can't explain it. Highs and lows. I had problems at work yesterday and last night. Why? No idea. Pretty much the same foods and drinks. Same insulin taken at almost the exact same time.

Sometimes these happen and there is no explanation. Al we can do is what you are doing. Test adjust and do the best that you can and hang on for the ride.

Just keep at it. This will pass. Always can do it.

Agree Sparky with all u just said. There's no ryme or reason to some of my lows either after eating & drinking the same thing and taking the same amount of insulin. It just happens Just eat and go with it if I can. Don't worry Brian it just happens to the best of us. HOLD STRONG!!!

Yup, all the time. I ride them out because I know that, at some point, the pendulum is going to swing the other way and I'll be fighting highs.

I really feel like those days where everything seems to be going right are actually when the pendulum is still in full swing, just moving through the middle of its arc. Since going on the pump, I've tried any number of adjustments to eliminate the extremes, and I've been a lot more successful than trying to do it on MDI with Lantus as my basal, but I still have those days. It's all about micromanagement at times like that.

6 years with diabetes, still have not fully figured it out. I really have tried, but it it always a bit of a gamble how much insulin will compensate for how much. It's hard, and there will always be errors probably. As long as we have it as a lifelong condition, that is.

Me too. Unexplainable.It has been weirder lately, but it was 75 degrees today in DC. (Want to see the 100th anniversary Cherry Blossoms-book earlier than the current predictions! Even the Park Service cannot control our warm weather!)

It is just life as a diabetic....