Feeling sick / anxiety high

Pod/CGM all working but my sugar has been a roller coaster since Friday. Up (280) lows (40) like a yo yo. With that I am not feeling well… Is it from the sugar or something else going on? I have pantic attacks as well so of course this is putting me into a tail spin. I’m not sure what to do… I have an Endo appointment in two weeks but I just feel run down.

Your numbers seem quite similar to mine since Friday! (and for that matter, most weekends lately…) Though this weekend, my highs were not quite as high, for which I’m thankful, I have still had similar lows. From my limited experience, roller coaster BGs like this can certainly make me feel sick. And it is often quite difficult to disembark from the roller coaster, too! High, highs make you tend to over-correct, followed by lows that feel worse than EVER, so you again overcompensate - leading to the next spike, and so on… It can take a lot of discipline to stop the ride - I find it’s usually easier to stop from the low end than the high, but of course, the frazzled feeling and, yes, resulting anxiety, make it quite a challenge.

On the high side, stopping the cycle means taking several smaller-than-needed corrections to ease BG down. On the low end, I find taking the minimum carbs to bring BG up and satisfying the desire to EAT EVERYTHING with some protein like cheese helps. Regardless, it’s not easy – and unfortunately, all too common a problem.