I don't know what to make of this. Today I was out and about and stopped at a local cafe for a cappuccino and a bagel with cream cheese and tomato, a treat I have very occasionally and which usually makes me end up high. I bolused for it, ate the bagel and finished my errands. When I got home I started feeling nauseous. I once in awhile have a brief passing nausea, but this was worse and more persistent, though I didn't vomit. It was 4PM about two hours after lunch so I took my blood sugar and was surprised that instead of being high from the bagel I was at 50! I figured I would go high soon so didn't really need to treat, but I hoped it would make the nausea better. So I took two glucose tablets and sure enough I soon felt back to normal. Good!

I went about my business and a couple hours later, around 6PM I started feeling the same exact nausea again! I tested again and I was at 258! Not surprising from my past bagel experience (and the glucose tablets) but strange that the nausea had left and was now back and the same at 50 as at 258! I corrected the high and now at 8PM I'm down to 144 and the nausea is again fading so I'm going to try eating dinner. Any theories about the same exact symptoms from a low and a high?

Rapid fall/rise in BG?

I agree with Jenn Rapid rise and fall feel almost the same to me. I hope you are felling better. All i cna say is that I often feel this way on a rise and fall. Good luck !!!

Oh, that feels absolutely right! I've never had that reaction to rise or falls, but it makes lots of sense. I just ate dinner and I'm feeling totally normal again. Strange! But nice to feel better. If this becomes a normal response for me, it could be a strong motivator to stay level!!

I've never felt nausea from rapid rise or fall but I have felt inappropriately tired and drowsy.

What was your BG before the post-bagel 50? While you measured the 258 two hours after the 50, you could have actually risen from 50 to 258 in a shorter time frame. Perhaps your metabolism has gotten used to much slower BG rises/falls.

I'm embarrassed to admit that my blood sugar before the bagel was 156. I shouldn't have eaten such a high carb lunch when I was already high, but I'd planned to order a bagel at the cafe, and didn't want to switch to a salad which I could eat at home! No, I've never had nausea like that before and it was so sharply delineated from feeling like crap to feeling normal as my blood sugar normalized that I'm sure that's what it was. Yep, 100 points down and then 200 points up can't be good on the body!

The rapidity is probably the culprit, but remember that nausea is often associated with lows and highs. When I have a really devastating low, I usually vomit. If my BG is very high, my stomach always feels bad.

Not everything is related to bg.

I might be extraordinarily sensitive to spring allergies but at the height of them, especially if I've been outside doing stuff much of the day, it gets to the point of nausea.

Oh, I so much appreciate the rain! Flushes pollen out of the air.

I know, Tim, I thought perhaps I was getting a bug, though I never get sick. But it was so marked, the way it came on when I was down to 50 and then when I soared up to 258 and went away in between and when I returned to normal. I've never had nausea before associated with lows or highs or with rapid change of BG. Hopefully this was an anomaly. I feel absolutely normal this morning (woke up at 107). Thanks, all.

No need for embarrassment. We're not machines and sometimes we make choices that are less than optimal BG-wise but satisfy other needs. I completely understand. Besides, it's what you do 80% of the time that matters.

Over the last few years I've come to appreciate low BG variability as a worthwhile goal. It allows lower average BGs without an increase in hypos. Now your experience seems to suggest that sometimes our bodies just don't like rapid BG changes. I'm glad you feel better now.

Thanks, my friend. Yes, as much as I love bagels it sure wasn't worth feeling like that!

Bagels are evil. I have a list of evil foods, and bagels are in the top 5 with Pizza, Pasta, Bananas and Peanut Butter.

toasted bagel with peanut butter and banana-perfect pre-d food.

i dont really know but it has happened to me that i felt all high with nausea out running. checked blood sugar and found i was at 40. i dont know if it was from a rapid fall, though.

By the way, my unexpected low of 50 2 hours after the bagel just speaks to the discussion of Bernstein on another thread: The law of small numbers says high carb intake = high dose = high chance of error. For me the 7.20 units I bolused for the bagel with a correction for my 156 before lunch is a VERY high dose and this time it overstepped the carb intake....until it didn't.