Feelling Hypoglycemic but numbers aren't low

I just started on insulin again this past Tuesday. Taking Humolog with meals & Humulin N at bedtime. Yesterday before lunch BS 91. Took 10 units of Humulog. With in 10 mintues of taking it I started to feel Hypoglycemic. Sweats, weak, disoriantated. I was eating at this point so I just kept eating. 20 minutes I tested again because I still wasn't feeling right. 119. 1 hour post meal 134. 2 hours 165. I did start to feel fine about 45 mintues after insulin & lunch. Besides lunch I also ate a couple pieces of candy to keep my sugars up. I was afraid of going to low.

I am also taking 1000 mg of metformin twice a day. Doctor has me on an agressive regiman because I'm planning my next pregnancy.

Could this happen though? Could I feel hypo but have numbers in range?

I am not on insulin, but that happens to me every now and then. Think I am way low and test and in the 90’s. I sometimes wonder if it could be a drop in blood pressure that feels like becoming hypo?

I also thought maybe my body is just in shock over having such low sugars when it’s been so high for so long. HA! it doesn’t know what to do with itself. :slight_smile:

It’s weird because when I was on insulin before I could go into the 70’s & not feel a thing.

You’re probably right in thinking your body isn’t used to feeling the lows. Give it time.

With time in mind, Humolog is fast acting insulin; try taking it closer to meals, as opposed to taking it 20+ mins (as suggested) before.

No I did take it right before eating. Not 20 mintues before. Sorry I misscomunicated that. It was probably 5 minutes total before starting to eat. I also made sure to start w/ the carbs in the meal. We’ll see how today goes.

Thank you for the feedback.

I just meant that doctors/endos suggest taking insulin at least 20 minutes before eating.

Good luck with today!

You have had high blood sugars for some time. Your body has become accustomed to those high blood sugars and now that you have started insulin, your blood sugar is back in the normal range. Unfortunately, your body got used to high blood sugars and “thinks” that you are having a hypo. But you aren’t really having a hypo. Although you feel unconfortable you will be fine. It is ok, to “treat” that low feeling, but don’t overdo it, otherwise you won’t ever get your blood sugars back to normal. Most people find that the hypo feelings go away within a few days.

ps. Way to go being aggressive getting back to normal. That is really the right way to do it even if you do feel a bit unconfortable.