Fellow geeks, we're looking for your glucose meter export files!

Hello fellow geeks!

We’re looking for glucose meter export file so we can provide a wider-range of support for glucose meters in SugarStats.com .

At the moment we only have support for OneTouch meters but if you’d like your meter supported the easiest way to help is to send us the export file created by the management software that comes with your meter.

I figure if there is a group that actually uses the software that comes with their meters it is this one :wink:

Each one will be different unfortunately, but at the very least we hope most of them support .XML or .CSV exports of your glucose data just like the OneTouch Diabetes Management Software 2.3+ does.

We’re looking especially for export files from:

  • Meters by Roche (All AccuCheck Meters)
  • All types of Abbot meters (Freestyle, Lite, Flash, Freedom, Precision etc)
  • All types of Bayer meteres (Ascensia series)
  • Meters by Arkray (Assure series etc)
  • Prodigy series of glucose meters

Each meter’s software should have an export feature.

If you’d like to help out, simply shoot us a mail with the file attached to: support@sugarstats.com

Your data will be kept private. Thanks for your help!

What about support for Glucose One users? I’m addicted to my Palm Treo and with Glucose One I am able to just beam the readings to my Doctors!

Hi !
Did you get any “exports” so far? I am also developer of diabetes management software and we have come across same problem as you. No company wishes to disclose anything. I talked to several of them, and so far only ascensia has send me protocols. If you wish I will “trade” it for what you have… but be prepared the document is really long…

Take care.


I am really glad you are doing this. I wondered if the $trip companies were just being lazy or if anyone had experience with them indicating they were actually obstructing progress to maintain profit.

I only have a Mac at this point. I used the One Touch software with the Ultra Smart but the monitor and software were a little bulky and unwieldy.

Maybe I’m picky, but I am not sure why it has diabetes tech has to lag so far behind everything else.

Hi Rob !

They are obstructing progress. But I don’t really know if they maintain profit… by doing this…

I mean if I were meter company I would wish that every software around would support my meter, so that many people would want to buy it, by saying… “gee this meter is supported everywhere… I could use any diabetes software I want. I will buy that…”

But it looks that this company is saying… “I will keep how I communicate to my-self, even though my protocol is not worth anything just so that diabetes users have to use my software that is totally outdated…”

We lag behind everyone, because we are really limited with what companies give us… there is virtually no support for anything out there. Each meter/pump company plays in it own little play-garden, and we the users are paying for it… I must say I have contacted about 10 meter companies and 4 pumps companies (one of them is refusing to receive mails from customers, so I couldn’t contact 5). Out of 4 pump companies one said no to giving protocols, 3 I haven’t heard from… On meter front is even worse. From 10 I got 3 replies, 1 said no, and 2 are for sharing. I am already implementing Ascensia/Bayer protocols, they will be available in release of software planned for end of 2008, and I got also contact from Lifescan few days ago and they started cooperating, I will be getting all protocols by September (I got 75% of them already, remaining 25% till September), when I am starting with implementation of Lifescan meters support…
Rob would you be willing to test my diabetes software on Mac? 1st public release is now planned for June, so if you could contact me privately I can supply you with somewhat workable version. I will need to make few adjustments for Mac, but it shouldn’t take a lot of your time…
Take care,

Way back when I first started with the original Freestyle, Therasense made the APIs available directly to any developer. We were not at that interest level or that technical level at the time. What you may want to do there is see if you can find anyone who’s been using Freestyle for, hmm, I’d guesstimate four years or longer, who downloaded the APIs.

This might be a problem… I don’t know anybody who even uses Freestyle… They are not sold where I live… I will probably write entry here on tudiabetes.com, maybe someone has it…


Hi !

For Roche:
For getting data from all Roche devices (pumps too), you need to use their own device called Accu-Chek Smart Pix. It is USB Mass storage device, with HTML controls (you control it with web page), they also have export (it’s automatic) in their xml. Contact company and they will help you.

For Freestyle:
I found free application called Glucose Meter Downloader. It startup project (it’s simple framework) for getting meter data, but they only have FreeStyle for now. I think they started SweetSpot project out of it…



After a longer delay than I wanted, I started loading the software for the meters I’ve been testing out in my blog. The Advocate Duo (which, for multiple reasons, I heartily disrecommend as a meter) will only print out the results from the current session, and will not allow for aggregated readings.

The Wavesense Keynote exports really basic information in both .pdf and .csv formats.

I’m still in the process of loading the One Touch software, at which point I will have three different meters to look at and correlate.