Fewer Diabetes Interruptions at School - Loop adds quality of life

diaTribe published this account written by a 14-year old high-school student about her experience with Loop, the do-it-yourself automated insulin dosing system. She was diagnosed with T1D at the age of one.

The revolution rolls on!

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My biggest wish is that Loop was more available to more people. Having to use an old pump means most people can’t use this even if they’re interested in it.

I’m eyeing the Ypsopump as my possible next pump. I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s apparently coming to Canada this year and has Bluetooth connectivity. Apparently, it’s on the list of pumps that the open source community is trying to get working with a DIY closed-loop system.


I finally got my hands on a Minimed 522, and I’m pumped! Like new, it’s in far better shape than my 4 year old Animas.

1/3 of the way there, all I need is the Rileylink and Loop software.

Special mention to my friend Ruth who helped make all of this possible! :heart:


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I realize the limits that compatible pump availability imposes on new Loop uptake. The benefits of automated insulin dosing will accrue to most of these systems. There are so many closed loop projects moving forward at this time that I think the options will increase and make this new technology available to more people.

I don’t know much about Ypsopump but suspect it could produce a viable system in the next year or two.