Fiasp and Tresiba

Hello all!
I am a Type 1 diabetic and have been for 47 years. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

For a long time I was on Levemir and Humalog, which was good except for the fact that Levemir only lasted 18 hours for me. Because of that I would waken frequently with high blood sugars.

When I saw that Tresiba was available I decided to switch over to that. I also switched over to Fiasp as well.

With these two new insulins I have found my control improved slightly. But I have also found that my blood sugars goes crazy high much more frequently. If I have a low, I can only take about 1/4 cup of apple juice and even that can send my blood sugar sky rocketing.

Does anyone else experience this as well? It’s already happened twice this morning and I am getting sooooo tired of it.

Thanks for any responses, i’d Really like to know how to manage this better.


PLEASE NOTE: For some reason I am unable to respond to your posts. Not sure why but thanks for the suggestions. I may not be able to use this forum as I thought. But once again, thanks for your comments.

Did you ever try splitting your Levemir dose and taking it twice/day? This is what most type 1s using Levemir do since it doesn’t last 24 hours on a single dose for most. I have tried Tresiba and had problems with it, but find 2 doses of Levemir works pretty well.

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Are you sure that your Tresiba dose is high enough? Have you tried using one unit more?

My understanding is that Levemir peaks (a bit) around halfway through. Are you seeing highs around the time at which Levemir would have been peaking?

Tresiba’s peaks are less pronounced and may be at different times.

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I use a pump, but I did use Tresiba and Fiasp for a month earlier this year. During that time, I experienced some of the highest blood sugars in recent memory (30s mmol/L to unreadable on the glucose meter). It seemed to me that as long as Tresiba was at the exact right dose it worked pretty well (though is very flat, so may not work for those whose bodies don’t have a flat insulin need throughout the day). But if the dose was even the slightest bit too low, blood sugar would alsoutely skyrocket.

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I’ve been using Fiasp for over a year now and find 10 gms of carbs is more than enough to treat a hypo, quite often 6gms does the trick, which means I get to eat a toffee :grinning:

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Yes, I think that is what I need to do also. It’s just that sometime I may over do it when my sugar is low. I will have to try harder…:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there - so sorry for my delay in responding. I am on really low amounts of insulin. I used to take 7 units of Levemir and tried taking an addition 1/2 unit at night. That sometimes did work but not consistently.

I am just about ready to stop using Tresiba and Fiasp because of the extreme highs after I treat a low.

I will spend some more time on here and see if there are any other comments.

Thanks so much!

Actually my Tresiba dose is 6 units every morning, and that is almost too high. I am very insulin sensitive so this is a challenge. Thanks so much - apologies for my delay in responding too!


Yes, that is exactly what I am experiencing too! I think I am gong to revert back to Levemir pretty fast…

I don’t know where you are re your insulin now, but I too switched from levemir to tresiba 3 months ago. It was very difficult to get the right dose but I am now on 16 per day. Another problem was when to take it - I’d been taking levemir at night. Finally after much experimenting, I decided on a morning shot. I have noticed that when I’m stable, I’m very very stable, all the while needing to be extra wary of lows. However I too have also experienced some horrendous highs, and need lots of fiasp to get my results down. Good luck anyway.

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Thanks Elizabeth. I am just on the verge of deciding to go back on Levemir. I spent most of the day yesterday in the range of 12-14. You just feel so icky. Gotta somehow figure this out and soon!

Sue - Yes, for sure. Yesterday I at 4 single skittles (the small, colourful candies) when my sugar was at 2.1 and 30 minutes later it was at 14. Crazy!

Well, after worse and worse results, I’m now at 18 units. I’ve decided to give tresiba another week, but if my results aren’t close to perfect, I too will revert to levemir. And yes, you feel not only yucky, but scared…

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I know what you mean Eliz1 - it’s dangerous to have to keep on taking more and more insulin. I was using Fiasp for a while but have totally given up on that. Back on Humalog which I can rely on easily. It does take longer to lower my blood sugar but at least it lowers my blood sugar!!! Fiasp would take 10 or 15 units to do anything, and sometimes even that much wouldn’t do a thing. Humalog is better and I feel better on it too…