Fiasp approved in the US for pump use

I’m not sure if this has already been posted but Fiasp is now FDA approved for use in a pump by adults


Good news. Maybe now I can get my Endo to switch me over.

Good news. I wonder if they used multiple pump brands in the trials. The ones I looked at were conducted with Medtronic pumps. I know a few people (myself included) have problems using it with T:Slim X2 pumps.

I am always a bit frustrated that Apidra and Fiasp don’t work well with Tandem. I assume it is the heat of the pump charging and sometimes in day-to-day operation. I have heard that some people have had success mixing Fiasp and Novolog.

I think that Fiasp has a higher viscosity than Novolog due the additives and that causes issues with Tandem’s very unique pumping system. That’s not based on any tests, just a hypothesis based on my chemistry & pump design experience. On the other hand, some X2 users (the majority?) have no issues at all. A Fiasp formulation issue would pose the same problem for everyone.

I’m one of those people. I make an 80/20 mix of Fiasp and Humalog or Humalog diluent. That works for me. I assume the mix has lower viscosity than 100% Fiasp, but as I said above - that can’t be the whole picture.

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Tandem’s very unique pumping system

How does it work that’s different? I Googled and saw some articles about Tandem being designed to work with a bag rather than cartridge (hospital setting I assume) - so it doesn’t use the usual worm-gear/plunger setup that just pushes the insulin down the infusion line?

Difficult to explain, but a YouTube video is worth a thousand words.

I really only have issues with Fiasp in my X2 pump if I run it longer than 3 days.
I will often run 3.5 days to change my set in the morning without issue, but if I try and stretch it to a full 4 days, I have occlusions.
I went a while where I never went past 3 days, and I didn’t have any issues.

Wait, I thought it was a picture is worth a thousand words… Since a video is one more dimension than a picture, wouldn’t that mean it would be worth 31,622.8 words? (=sqrt(1000)^3). Or (less metaphorically), the number of seconds times 12 (12 fps). Since the video is 42 seconds, that would be 12*42, or 504 million words.

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Medtronic and most other pumps are basically mechanically driven syringes where the pump screw pushes the plunger. A Tandem pump is an ingenious miniature piston pump. A piston pump in its simplest form would be an old hand operated well pump, another example is a bicycle pump.