Experience using Fiasp?

So how is it working for you through a pump?

We only use it for corrections with syringes, our endo suggested it that way for specific occasions. So far so good!

@Patricia5 - Have used FiASP in an Animas Vibe pump for 4 months. No different than Humalog as far as the pump function goes.

Significantly faster onset (15 Min) and shorter tail (3-3.5 hour duration) than humalog. I like it.

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Same for me, except I’m using a Tandem X2 and had to dilute the Fiasp about 20% to avoid an unexplained loss of effectiveness when the cartridge level dropped below approx. 50u.

There are several similar topics here that have posts that might help you out. I think you’ll find the experience runs the gambit from ‘no problem at all’ to ‘I just can’t make this work’.

I use it with my Tandem X2 without issue.

It’s been working well for me for over six months in my Medtronic 670 G. I did reduce my insulin on board by 15 minutes to 3:15.