Finally lost some weight

I just tipped the scale at 181.8 down from 206. That’s 25 pounds in a year or so. When I started Invokana I knew my appetite had changed. But doctor wants me to cut back to 1/3 of the dose I’ve been on. My weight had been so steady near 200 for decades. My impossible goal has long been 175. The funny thing is I eat so much less than I used to but I spill less out in my urine with lower blood sugars. But Invokana caused more sugar to spill out. But I think it did something more, something to my appetite. Food began to satisfy my hunger somehow. And now I seldom get hungry and a pig out is small by comparison. And also I haven’t been trying to loose weight directly. I don’t know what’s going on but I’d like to reduce to 175 before cutting my dose by 2/3. Or cut the dose and see what changes?


Great work!!