Finally the weather turns nice!

today was a beautiful day here in peterborough, Ontario! the sun was shining, the sky was blue and it was hot!!! my grandson went for a swim in the pool! he has been waiting almost a month. the temp was ot that warm in there (about 71) but he didn’t care! he has grown so much since last year! he can now walk in the shallow end! he’s a “big boy now”!!! the little one, miss aubrey, went for a little paddle in the “boat”. we filled up the blowup boat with water, and she just thought that was great! i sure hope this weather keeps up. if the pool just gets to about 85 i might even get in!!
i am still working out the levels on my pump. went to the DEC today, and we worked out some basals. now i have a lower basal at certain times of day, and during the early morning hours, due to lows occurring. hopefully this works. i know there will be tweaking,. and i know it will be much better that MDI’s, i am excited to get the hang of it. i tried a temp basal last night, when my husband woke me at 3am thinking i was low. tested and BG was 7.5, but i may have been headed that way. he seems to be really good at detecting these things (which is nice since i don’t get any self-noticable symptoms). so i dropped my basal to half for 2 hrs. BG a little high this morning, but live and learn! we will see what tomorrow brings!

You are so right! Thankfully the rain has stopped for a few days now. But it is not supposed to rain for over a week. Not Good! I’m Glad that you are enjoying your G-Kids. The water should heat up in the next few days with the high temps. Good Luck with the tweaking.

thanks terrie. cameron is at school today, but he says he’s swimming when he gets home!! its warm already, so i may test the waterproof pump and jump in myself! (probably not!) this morning after my basal adjustment between 2 and 9 my BG was 7.2!!! YAY! no lows during the night! i am pleased with this. we will see what happens this afternoon and early evening with the afternoon drop. and does the heat affect anyone else’s BG’s?? i seem to drop when it gets really hot and humid. just wondering 8)

Good to hear that you are not having any night time lows. That’s certainly an important achievement. So, did you hop in the pool to test out your waterproof pump? :smiley: Yes, my blood sugars drop when I’m in the sun too long. It has always affected me that way. I take something to raise my sugar and my meter(kept in the shade), if I know I’ll be out in the hot sun for a while.