I decided to make a Change

Last night when I went to bed my bg’s were 134; not bad. My fasting bg’s this AM was 126. My Aunt Dottie has come and gone…So, I decided to change my basal rate for 12am-4am to 0.55 from 0.50. I know that’s not a huge difference but I like to make small changes, one step at a time. I was a little nervous but I did it. Tomorrow when I change my site I will be using a new basal…I hope this works!!


Hey Cherise, I’m with you on the minor basal adjustments. I tweak my basals all the time, usually (ok, always) without the input of my doctor. Basically .05 units up or down at a time. I increase my testing, of course, too.

I’ve been on the pump now for about 7 months, and have been settled at my current basal rate for about the last 3 months. In between, I did a lot of troubleshooting, especially when I started exercising more regularly and figured out that my period really does wreck havoc on my blood sugar.

I’ve come to find that almost every little factor you can think of has some kind of effect on my insulin needs, and I need to feel comfortable making the adjustments on my own. Otherwise I’d be waiting around all day for my doctor to call me back.

You’ve got the best diabetes tool on the market attached somewhere on your body right, you may as well feel confident in your ability to use it to its full advantage, right?

thank you!!! I am still new to this whole insulin pump (pod)! Thank you all for your encouragement!

I work the same way with basals. I have found, for me, small adjustments, and temp basals work wonders.

I am learning!!! Love the temp basal’s