I have been woundering why there isn´t a good community. When I was searching around at google this came up!

Aaah I thought, what can this be??

Yes, finally…much much better community than the ones I have been looking at.

What I did notice doh is that there is not much swedes here :/. But well well, I like all sorts of human beings.

And I a was mean enough to put a on an swedish site for diabetics which I am NOT found of.

Now I am gonna see some movie, crawl down in my sofa with some blanket and drink some tea and eat som chocolate ;).

Cuz I´m worth it! ;D

Yes you are! Welcome to our community. :slight_smile: Enjoy your chocolate.

Here’s a list of those from Sweden

Welcome to TuDiabetes. We are all here to help as well as learn. Stay in touch.